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Chapter 203: Scumbag

Shen Xi was under the impression that Yu An came to her rescue at first, but by the look on Yu An’s face, she seemed to know Gu Xiaohan. Shen Xi urged Yu An. “To be kind to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself.”

Su Ruowan should be punished for having the audacity to splash acid. Shen Xi was not going to let the matter slide just because she played dumb.

Yu An averted her gaze, feeling timid to look at Shen Xi. Her tiny body frame made her appear lowly and small. She whispered, “Got it.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of him with me around.” Fixing her eyes on Yu An, Shen Xi told her calmly.

“Wanwan told you that she doesn’t know anything about it.” Gu Xiaohan stood up for Su Ruowan regardless of who was at fault. His eyes reflected contempt. “Moreover, even if she did splash acid, she was pouring it on me. You just happened to be there. How could you fault others when you brought it upon yourself?”

Shen Xi’s temper exploded.

F*ck. Shen Xi was p*ssed off by the scumbag look on the b*stard Gu Xiaohan’s face clearly implying that she got what she deserved.

Yu An’s head hung low as her eyes welled up. She was either shaking from the physical pain or the hurt caused by his words. She gently nodded her head.

Frustrated, Shen Xi felt defeated and disappointed by her response.

It only took one word from b*stard Gu Xiaohan. Wait, no. A more accurate term was Gu Xiaohan having Yu An eat out of the palm of his hand. She would never go against him and probably comply if he told her to jump off the building.

“Shen Xi, you heard her. The individual concerned isn’t making a fuss about it.” Gu Xiaohan lifted Su Ruowan up and looked at her tauntingly. “Please move aside.”

“Young Master Gu, you seem to think nothing of the Situ family.”

A domineering yet coquettish voice was heard before the person showed up.

Shen Xi turned her head to find a woman marking her presence with a queen-like entrance. Coyness apparent in her every little movement and expression, she was breathtaking.

Shaking more violently, Yu An was tempted to bury her head in her body. She tried to escape.

The beautiful lady came in and grabbed Yu An by the arm and questioned her, “Song Yu An, where are you running to?”

Gu Xiaohan was startled and puzzled at what was transpiring before his eyes. He had no idea what was Yu An’s relationship with this gorgeous woman. “Lady Situ, what’s the meaning of this?”

“She’s my sister. What do you think I plan to do after seeing my sister hurt like this?” Situ Zhangge pointed at Yu An and said, “Of course I’m going to stick up for her.”

Gu Xiaohan was not the only one dumbfounded.

Shen Xi was taken aback as well. How did Yu An become one of the Situ family?

Su Ruowan buried her menacing face against Gu Xiaohan’s chest without moving an inch.

Situ Zhangge, the eldest daughter of the Situ family, was the fairest of them all in the capital. She often had h

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