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Chapter 189: You Regretted It

[The lady really is our Zhizhi’s illegitimate daughter. I’d wake up laughing even if I was asleep. There’s finally a successor to our Zhizhi’s godly acting.]

[In my opinion, nothing is impossible. Look at the photos. Zhizhi’s motherly smile seems so lovely!]

[The lady’s so pretty and elegant. She’ll be very well-known if she enters the entertainment industry.]

Fans who supported the Film Empress based on her capability rather than hype or looks were different from those who had only supported her due to her popularity. The comments were harmonious and interesting, and most of them were fantasizing that Shen Xi was Gong Zhi’s illegitimate daughter.

There were more comments praising Shen Xi’s beautiful appearance and elegance and saying that her extremely gorgeous looks could even dominate the entertainment industry.

Li Jingran stared at the trending photos. She grasped her phone so tightly that it could bleed. Her gaze was full of hatred and anger. She got so mad that she started hyperventilating.


Gong Zhi, that sl*t. She was fated to be single for her whole life! How could she give birth to a daughter!

The wretched Shen Xi was an elegant girl with unmatched beauty. She could take over the entertainment industry with just her gorgeous looks. If it were not for Li Jingran and her husband’s genes, how could she possibly possess such a charming face? What did it have to do with Gong Zhi?

As Li Jingran dwelled on the matter, she grew even more irritated and upset. She felt the blood in her body boiling, and disgust and hatred twisted into a knot in her heart.

Deep down, Li Jingran knew that the wretched girl was taking revenge on her. Shen Xi deliberately got close to Gong Zhi on purpose so that Li Jingran would see the trending photos.

Su Yi dropped by to pick up Li Jingran and head home. He pushed the door open and entered the room with a sullen face. Upon entering, he asked her coldly, “What’s the relationship between Shen Xi and Gong Zhi?”

Li Jingran was still feeling angry after being provoked by Shen Xi. In a harsh tone, she replied, “How would I know?”

Su Yi’s expression turned sullen. He gritted his teeth and pointed his finger at her. “I shouldn’t have listened to you in the first place.”

Li Jingran sneered. “Why? Do you regret ending ties with her now? In that case, go ahead and bring her back!”

Su Yi was further enraged by her words which fueled his anger further. “Stop with your sarcastic comments! It was you who cried and wept so much, and that pushed me to beat her and kick her out!”

Did he regret it?

Of course he did.

Was there anyone who did not desire a gorgeous and talented daughter, admired by many?

Shen Xi was extremely beautiful. Just solely basing it on looks, Wanwan did not even come close to matching her beauty

She danced so well that even Shu Baiyu was desperate to make Shen Xi his student.

She had

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