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Chapter 191: Li Mansion

Yuan Yu knew that pharmaceutical investments would often come with a hefty price. At this stage, the only sensible move was a partnership. “I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

“What’s the matter? Still afraid I’d be duped?” Shen Xi asked with a smile.

“More like you fooling others.” Yuan Yu casually leaned against her work desk and posed a question with great interest. “Why not look for Fu Qingye?”

Shen Xi was close to Fu Qingye, affectionately calling him Brother every day. To hear this as her biological brother, Yuan Yu felt a pang of jealousy.

“Business and personal matters should be separated.” Shen Xi sighed and added, “Otherwise, the essence of either one would be tainted.”

Disappointed by her answer, Yuan Yu reflected how he felt on his handsome face and solemnly asked, “What about me?”

“You’re not like him. You’re my real brother while he isn’t.” Shen Xi’s eyes were smiling. “My concern is he’d think I’m only going along with the relationship to take advantage of him.”

Things would tend to be complicated when one’s personal interest was involved, even real siblings could turn against each other for money. Shen Xi did not want to put herself in such a spot.

The Situ family would make a more objective choice in this case. There were no emotional implications and only pure interests.

“Bad girl.” Pleased, at last, Yuan Yu chuckled.

The words “real brother” tugged at his heartstrings.

The Situ family was one of the Five Major Families in China and had a residence in the golden Sunnyside of the capital.

Occupying the best location for Fengshui in the capital, Sunnyside was a symbol of one’s family status, heritage, and wealth. Only a handful of well-known socialites and old money had owned residences here.

Many nouveau riche in China would kill to live here no matter the price and cost, for the sake of elevating their family’s social status – a goal they worked towards their entire lives.

It was a whole new world for Shen Xi driving into Sunnyside as she could clearly feel the rich cultural roots that ran deep. The roads, trees along the road, and quaint buildings gave an air of millennial stillness.

Entranced, Shen Xi felt as though she had entered a different dimension and traveled back to ancient times. The cars parked in front of houses and street lamps appeared to blend into the same atmosphere.

Shen Xi looked out the window to admire the picturesque scenery and quaint architecture. Her eyes lit up in awe. “This house is huge!”

Certainly, a plot of land here bore an astronomical price tag but even with money alone, it would not qualify one to live here. Most of the residents here were old money and blue blood with a history spanning a thousand years. It was all about aristocracy; so no matter how much money one had, it was impossible to reside here without having an old and established family lineage.

“This is the Li Mansion.” Wei Feng was Yuan Y

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