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Chapter 219: Chubby

Li Jingran got it.

She got to the bottom of it at last.

The Situ family was humiliating her and the Su family. The slip-up or overlook her husband talked about was only an excuse.

She was told that Jewel Looks was sold out and she was to wait for the next shipment after informing them of her name and identification number.

Gong Zhi ended the call and turned to ask Li Jingran with a grin, “Ms. Li, how many sets did you purchase?”

Although Li Jingran wanted to rip apart Gong Zhi’s arrogant face, she gracefully grinned. “Not much.”

How many?

She did not get even one!

Li Jingran hated the Situ family’s guts and resented Jewel Looks.

However, more so, she loathed herself. Li Jingran knew the Situ family was humiliating her, but to keep her appearance and rejuvenate her looks, Li Jingran had to take the insult for a chance to acquire the pills.

“You should get more. Your husband and children should have some too. I heard that you’d see better benefits the earlier you start.” Gong Zhi flashed her pearly whites. “I even bought two sets for my niece.”

Li Jingran may be smiling but her fury was taking over. She nodded. “Right.”

Sitting on the other side, Shen Xi was having a blast watching Li Jingran trying to play it cool albeit being close to flipping out.

Everything was progressing step by step according to her plan. It was an awesome feeling to have all things in the palm of her hands and watched them go ballistic and off the deep end.

Li Jingran was infuriated. She returned home to find her Moments and WeChat flooded with her friends showing off their purchases of Jewel Looks.

Fuming, she threw everything in the dressing room as though she had lost her mind.

Time flew by as December arrived.

The weather was surprisingly sunny after a great snowfall.

It was rare to see blue sky and white clouds in winter.

Shen Xi received a text message from Li Yuan and simply could not wait for classes to end.

The text message was short “I’m back.”

She read it again and again, wishing that she grew a pair of wings to fly to him.

Li Yuan returned home and sat quietly in the courtyard. He tenderly gazed at the wall, counting down in his mind the time until the young lady was home from school.

Rays of the sunset cast a veil of warm orange light shimmering upon the wall.

His fair lady was home at last. She must be happy judging by the spring in her steps. Was it because she was about to see him?

Shen Xi came home and put down her school bag before bolting into the courtyard. She climbed up the wall in a few steps and eagerly said, “Brother.”

Li Yuan was heartbroken to see the girl’s flushed cheeks, sweaty hair, and nose. “What’s the big rush? It’s not like I’m going to disappear.”

Catching her breath, Shen Xi smiled with her eyes. “I wanted to come back sooner and see you sooner!”

His heart was melting as he curled his lips gleef

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