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Chapter 212: Bragging with Jewel Looks

Li Jingran had to have the last word. “If I remain unconvinced, are you going to swear, swear to god?”

Su Yi found it embarrassing, but thankfully, the children were not here to witness this. Otherwise, that was his authority gone out the window. He turned to her. “I, Su Yi, swear that I don’t have another woman. Happy now?”

Li Jingran finally ceased the tears as her man got ready to leave. “Where are you going?”

Su Yi blurted, “The office!”

Watching as the man took off without hesitation, Li Jingran angrily smashed her fist on the floor. Her eyes were grim and fueled with resentment.

She would take him down with her if he ever cheated on her!

Li Jingran better be the only woman in Su Yi’s life!

Words about the anti-aging beauty pill spread among the elites. Thus, it came as a surprise that the pill made its way to No. 4 High School.

To encourage the students and support No. 4 High School’s education, the Situ family rewarded the top 100 students of each grade a set of Jewel Looks.

Those in the international class were on cloud nine.

While distributing Jewel Looks with a few others, Song Wenye proudly announced, “It’s all thanks to Xixi that our class could get our hands on Jewel Looks. Look how good of a relationship Xixi has with Youyou. This is what it meant by pulling strings.”

She gave a thumb-up to signify how tight Shen Xi and Situ Zhangyou were.

The international class students queued up to receive their share of Jewel Looks with a smug look on their faces as though it was a great honor.

Shen Xi helplessly sighed. No one else but them would be so happy to go through the back door.

With all the commotion in the international class, the top class was buzzing the same excitement as well!

In charge of distributing Jewel Looks, Chen Bingbing happily read a list of names.

The Chen family were nouveau riche and despite having money, the aristocratic families turned their nose up at them and were of the opinion that the Chen family were uncultured country bumpkins.

Mom would come home from gathering bawling her eyes out lately, saying that the ladies frequently boast about acquiring Jewel Looks.

Owning limited-edition bags, clothes, shoes, or jewelry is nothing as compared to having Jewel Looks as that was the only thing trending now. Even having received a tester from the Situ family would be enough of a bragging right.

Those without Jewel Looks were looked down upon in gatherings.

Now that Chen Bingbing had Jewel Looks, she could go home and give it to her mom. Mom would be over the moon to flaunt in gatherings without getting unwarranted eye-rolls and disdainful looks.

Su Ruowan was waiting for her turn to receive Jewel Looks, wanting to try it out herself since everyone said it was effective.

She had no clue what was going on as many families beneath the Su family had obtained Jewel Looks yet none of the

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