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Chapter 217: Sold Out

That was weird. Why was Song Wenye quiet?

Yu Yuanxi lifted his head and looked at her politely with a tender smile.

Song Wenye stood up awkwardly and retrieved a box of Jewel Looks from her bag. She threw the box at him and generously waved her arm. “Give this to Granny Yu.”

Yu Yuanxi was dumbstruck for a while before breaking into a smile. “Thank you.”

The girl before him put up a mean front, threatening to bring her claw out if he were to say no.

Song Wenye aggressively glared at him and mumbled under her breath, “It’s for Granny Yu, not for you.”

Shen Xi and Song Wenye soon boarded the bus. They took the back seat since the bus was full.

As the bus was leaving, Song Wenye looked out the window and saw the young man standing by the platform getting onto the 116-route bus. That was strange.

A few buses of this route had come and gone before she and Xixi arrived at the bus stop.

The Situ family’s latest launch of oral beauty products, Jewel Looks, proved to be a huge success.

Jewel Looks was set to be on the shelves a week later and there would only be a limited number of stocks for the first shipment. It could be preordered by phone and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Su Mushi had been waiting for a reply from the Situ family because of the distribution list. As he suspected, the query fell on deaf ears.

During the Gu family’s event, Su Ruowan had caught wind that the Situ family’s anti-aging beauty pill had something to do with Shen Xi. Refusing to believe it, she put investigators to work, but nothing came up.

Because of Jewel Looks, Su Yi got into an argument turned physical with Li Jingran. To make up for it and save their marriage, he personally called to pre-order as Jewel Looks went on sale. He wanted to buy them in bulk and give them to Li Jingran.

It never occurred to him that the customer service executive over on the other end would inform him that it was sold out and to wait for the next production.

Year-end red-carpet events including the G&D fashion show were a must-watch. The guests were also the hottest stars.

As G&D’s global ambassador, it was imperative that Li Jingran made a perfect grand entrance.

In the dressing room backstage.

Dressed in a gold gown, Li Jingran looked perilous as she shrieked in anger. She smashed her phone to the ground and stomped on it, looking every bit like a demon with those bloodshot eyes.


It looked like she was never going to get her hands on Jewel Looks!

Because of the d*mn drug, she was humiliated and abused by her husband.

Still, she tried to make an order via the phone, only to be told that there was none left. The product was selling like hotcakes and was sold out.

She set an alarm to be able to call as soon as the second pre-order went live!

Li He entered the room and was startled by the state Li Jingran was in. He drew closer and picked up the phone. “My dear,

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