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Chapter 221: A Pair Of Gloves

Shen Xi only mentioned the good parts and reserved the bad ones. She would not hold out on her success stories from him, but she would withhold the grievance and danger she faced while getting things done.

Li Yuan was aware that she did not want him to worry.

He also knew that he should trust her and let her go so that she could soar.

After having him caught up to speed, Shen Xi began reporting about Toffeecito. “Brother, you have no idea how much it eats. It can eat this much and this much in one sitting.”

Li Yuan asked, “How much is this much?”

Shen Xi spread her palm and gestured exaggeratedly. “This much. The little greedy cat would make a fuss every time I have something to eat.”

“Just like you.” Li Yuan poked fun at her with a smile.

Puffing her cheeks, Shen Xi gave in without fighting back. “A good appetite is a blessing. Life’s a drag without good food!”

Li Yuan gazed at the adorable girl and made a pun. “Since someone’s a big eater, I should pay for the living expenses then.”

Shen Xi sighed in lament. “It’s now the Shen family’s cat. Even if it eats me to bankruptcy, then so be it.”

Li Yuan smiled dotingly before turning to call Kun Lun over.

Kun Lun brought two exquisite packages and put them in her basket.

Li Yuan said with a grin, “Presents for Toffeecito.”

Thinking the gifts were for her, Shen Xi was disappointed to find out that they were for Toffeecito. She smacked the little fella’s head. “The presents are for you. Aren’t you going to say thank you?”

Toffeecito meowed cutely at her. Like cotton candy, its soft mew was sweet and heart-melting.

“I told you to thank him, not me. You idiot!” Shen Xi had just received the gifts when Shen Zhangqing called her home for dinner. It had not been that long she felt but the sky was already dark at this point. “Brother, thank you for your gifts.”

It did put a little damper on his mood as Li Yuan knew his fair lady was about to leave. He had always hoped that time would go on slower, or even better, stop when he was with her. “Go and have your dinner!”

Shen Xi longingly glanced at him and placed Toffeecito in her hood before climbing down the ladder.

The doorbell rang when she got to the bottom of the ladder.

Kun Lun brought along a few exquisitely wrapped packages and handed them to her. “Ms. Shen. Boss told me to send them over.”

Shen Xi had no clue what they were. She charged into her room as she got home before having the chance to put Toffeecito down. Shen Xi then happily unboxed the gifts.

Catnip, cat food, teaser wand, slapping fish, mouse toy, bird toy, cute caterpillar. These were all for Toffeecito.

Shen Xi bawled. As expected, she was no longer his cutie pie since the arrival of Toffeecito. These were all Toffeecito’s presents, and none were for her. Clinging onto a glimmer of hope, she opened the last package.

This package looked no different from the rest

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