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Chapter 211: Inconsolable

“Stay put at home. Don’t let the children see you at your worst.” Su Yi scoffed coldly and with rage consuming him with ruthlessness, he held nothing back. “Am I supposed to listen to your nonsense or stare at your sagging face if I don’t leave?”

He could not stand another waking minute in this house.

Before Su Yi knew it, Li Jingran’s temper seemed to grow nastier every time he returned home to her stony face. No one would be happy to come home to a deadpan face after working so hard out there.

“Su Yi!” Li Jingran’s eyes turned bloodshot, and her body was shaking from the humiliation. Screaming in rage, she caught up and pulled him back. “Tell me. Do you have another woman outside?”

“The children are at home. Have you lost your mind?” Su Yi covered her mouth and pulled her hair to drag her back into the house.

As a dignified woman, Li Jingran was shattered beyond the will to live by her husband’s insults. She looked him dead in the eye. “Su Yi, if you dare have another woman, I’ll kill her. Do you hear me? I will kill her!”

Su Yi scoffed and gritted his teeth while pointing at her. “Another woman? Do you think you could talk to me like this had I not cheated with you then?

“You… You…” Li Jingran could feel her blood pressure rising. She lost it. She punched and kicked him with ruffled hair like a madwoman. Her sharp nails became her weapons to claw him.

Su Yi was caught off guard and by the time he came to, he felt a burning sensation on his cheeks. “You lunatic! Let go! Psycho! What are you trying to do?”

The pair got into a heated scuffle.

Su Yi quickly subdued Li Jingran by pinning her arms and head to the ground. He looked menacing. “You wacko. Have you gone mad?”

Li Jingran wailed in devastation. “How can you do this to me? Su Yi, how can you do this to me!”

He hit her!

To think he raised his hand at her!

He never lashed out at her during the many years they were married. Yet, he hit her over a trivial matter. He must have had another woman!

She refused to divorce and would never agree to a divorce. There was no way Li Jingran was going to allow another woman to replace her, sleep on her bed, and sleep with her man. Never!

There was a knock on the door outside.

Su Mushi heard the commotion. “Mom, Dad, what’s wrong?”

Hearing their son’s voice, Su Yi threatened her, “Don’t let our son see this ugly side of you. Don’t you dare breathe a word of today.”

“Dad?” Su Mushi cried, “Are you guys alright?”

“It’s all good. Your mom and I are just screwing around.” Su Yi’s voice was back to normal. “You should get back to bed.”

“Okay.” Su Mushi had a weird feeling about it, but he complied, “Mom, Dad, good night.”

Su Yi finally let go of Li Jingran once the footsteps were distant.

Li Jingran was inconsolable. Never did it cross her mind that she would be involved in domestic abuse. “Su Yi, don’t blame me for turning my back on our

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