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Chapter 216: No Money For Clothes

Yu Qiubai was taken aback. Shen Xi often either played with her words or minced them when talking to him, but this was the first time she was directly aiming to rip him up. Yu Qiubai was actually happy about it. “Did I annoy you?”

Shen Xi gave him a death stare before coldly blurted, “Get lost!”

Despite getting chewed out, Yu Qiubai was in a great mood. On his way out, he bumped into Pei Xu and hurled the gift box at him with a grin. “For you.”

Pulling a long face, Pei Xu was close to taking the Lord’s name in vain when Yu Qiubai disappeared into the staircase.

The class was rowdier and louder than usual.

Walking on air, Song Wenye hooked Pei Xu’s arm, pulling him in to announce the good news. “Alpha Xu, I want to let you in on something. I’m going into showbiz to become a celebrity.”

Pei Xu made no effort to hide the disdain in his face. “Have you lost your godd*mn mind?”

Song Wenye was too happy to be offended. “Alpha Xu, you should congratulate me. I’m sure you’d become my biggest supporter, right?’

Pei Xu did not take it seriously and could not be bothered with her since the wacko changed her mind every ten seconds. He listlessly sat on his seat and placed the gift box on the table before asking Shen Xi, “What did Yu Qiubai want with you?”

Working on mock test papers, Shen Xi faintly replied, “He’s a nutjob.”

Pei Xu shared the same sentiment. He glanced at the two gift boxes on his table and gave them to Shen Xi. “I heard that this stuff works great on the skin. Give them to your mom!”

Shen Xi nonchalantly answered, “We’re not short of these at home.”

“Xixi isn’t short of them, but I am. Alpha Xu, give them to me!” Song Wenye bolted over to snag the gift boxes and grinned, “As of this moment, I’m going to take two pills a day as part of my skincare routine to prepare for my debut in the entertainment industry.”

After further inquiry, Pei Xu found out that Song Wenye had been telling the truth. However, he gave Shen Xi the heads-up out of good intentions. “Don’t put all your faith in her. She acts on a whim and might just back out during a program recording.”

Shen Xi gazed at Song Wenye and smiled. “I trust her.”

Song Wenye shot Pei Xu an angry look and turned around to hug Shen Xi as it meant a lot to her. “Lil Xixi knows me best. I won’t ever chicken out!”

Shen Xi was not used to having people up close and personal. She pushed Song Wenye away, irritated. “Keep your distance away from me.”

For once, Pei Xu put on a straight face and advised her. “You better think it through whether you’re doing it for fun, or if you intend to build a career with it.”

“Pei Xu, do you really think that little of me? Well, all those years of being a bro to you are for nothing.” Song Wenye snubbed at him while patting her chest to assure Shen Xi. “I will do my best.”

It was a lively scene in the international class, a contrast to the gloomy top cla

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