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Chapter 209: Have More Children

Brakes screeching on the road.

“Ms. Shen, why are you here?” Situ Zhangyou received a call from Boss to pick up a certain somebody and bring her home.

The tiny-framed girl appeared rather petite in a seated position. God knows what she was looking at, but she was like a tiny firecracker, letting a warm glow around her amid the snow.

Shen Xi lifted her chin to find Situ Zhangyou coming her way. She sent a test message. “Brother, I’m heading home.”

Li Yuan replied, “Sure. Stay safe.”

He stared at the screen after typing the message, left with a feeling of emptiness as her footsteps faded into the distance.

It was only when the car engine rumbled that he wheeled himself over and opened the door to watch the car drove out of sight. The glint in his eyes receded bit by bit.

Uncle Li waited while he sat by the door for a long time before approaching, “Young Master, Ms. Shen is already gone. You should come in.”

Kun Lun stood in the courtyard, not wanting to bring attention to himself. Since Uncle Li was a father figure to Boss, the latter always respected and listened to him.

“Okay.” Li Yuan lingered a little longer and could only see the tire marks on the road. Shen Xi’s scent was now lost in the cold night of the merciless snow.

“Ms. Shen had asked me if I felt empty and scared living in a huge house.” Uncle Li pushed the wheelchair and started a conversation with Li Yuan.

Hearing this, Li Yuan could feel sadness seeping in as his eyes welled up.

Did he feel empty?

He held onto his chest. His heart was full when looking and thinking of her while the remainder of the time, there was a hole in his heart.

Was he afraid?

This was his home where his closest and most respected family were enshrined. Why would he be afraid?

“There’s nothing to be scared of.” Uncle Li replied with a smile, “Have more children when you marry Ms. Shen in the future. The house will be lively then.”

Li Yuan’s eyes grew profound as he gazed at his legs.

Could he?

With this broken body of his, how could he possibly burden her and drag her down to rot in hell with him?

News that the Situ family, who were leading the medical field in China, were prepared to expand into the cosmetics line to produce high-end cosmeceuticals soon spread among China’s high society.

To penetrate the cosmeceuticals market, the Situ family unveiled an anti-aging beauty product called Jewel Looks, available to both men and women. The product could improve one’s complexion, beautify and firm the skin from the inside out.

China’s elite society and celebrities had all received complimentary products from the Situ family.

There was a rumor in the entertainment business that Jiang Yin and Gong Zhi were the first people to test the product. Gong Zhi’s recent great skin complexion and rejuvenation was due to the anti-aging beauty pills.

The rumors were quickly verified by Gon

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