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Chapter 190: I Want To See You

Li He knocked on the door and glanced at her. “You first.”

The girl did not have an outstanding appearance. Li He did not know what factors had caused Jingran to insist on taking her into the entertainment circle.

He watched her grow up but he had always felt that she was ugly, unlike Jingran’s daughter.

Shen Xi was so beautiful. She was even prettier than Jingran’s younger self. That level of beauty should be the standard for entering the entertainment industry.

He did not know what tactics the girl in front of him used to make Jingran and the others cut off all ties with their own flesh and blood, and pour their affection and love toward her.

Su Ruowan looked calm but deep within her, she was panicking. She ran toward them happily and yelled sweetly. “Mom, Dad.”

She knew her dad must have regretted it.

All this while, his gaze was full of disappointment whenever he looked at her.

However, when she heard that both of them had quarrelled over Shen Xi, she felt as if a knife had pierced her heart and that evoked sorrow and hatred.

Truthfully, she knew that she would never be able to compare to Shen Xi who was their biological daughter.

Shen Xi, that little b*tch. What should she do now to get rid of Shen Xi as soon as possible?

Li Jingran and Su Yi were back to playing the role of a loving couple. However, they both had their own thoughts on the matter which they kept to themselves.


In the present day, it was the easiest to earn a woman’s money, especially rich women.

Shen Xi intended to capture a share of the high-end beauty and skincare industry. After she was reborn, the plan had been in progress steadily. However, the products produced have not yet achieved the best effect as she could not find a suitable partner.

Taking her beauty pill as an example, if the purity was not adequate, that would cause the effect to be greatly reduced.

The supreme-grade pill furnace she used to refine medicine in the Xuanhuan world was long gone.[1] The current medical industry would not be able to achieve the standards she required.

The pharmaceutical factory Yuan Yu found did not have such high-end precision equipment, and the medicinal pill made out of it could only achieve 20% of the desired effect.

The Situ family was based in China. Their pharmaceutical factory had the best researchers and equipment, and this would allow them to manufacture high quality pills.

Going further, by borrowing equipment from the Fu family’s Fu Qingxi Medical Laboratory which was the world’s most advanced medical centre, the quality would be further enhanced.

“There’s a call from Situ’s house saying that the old man wants to see you.” Yuan Yu entered the office and saw her staring at the window.

“Okay.” Shen Xi returned to his senses and looked at him. “Thank you, Big Brother.”

“It’s not a big deal.” Yuan Yu walked over. “Give it another two years, once

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