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Chapter 236: Two Gowns

It was a bustling scene live at the China Film Festival. The media and celebrities came together for this very moment.

Li Jingran gracefully and magnanimously stepped out of the car.

“Look, quick. Ms. Li is wearing the “Feathered Prism Illusion Dress” today.”

“Oh my god! She looks gorgeous like a fairy! Ms. Li is a true goddess, and the outfit suits her way better than a model.”

“Well, not everyone can look good in just any clothes. Ms. Li is the goddess of youth in showbiz after all. She’s definitely going to be the belle of the ball.”

Gasping in awe, the media, armed with cameras, immediately turned to her direction, and thus began a flash fiesta.

With her head up and chest out, Li Jingran carried herself with elegance while showcasing her proudest asset – her swan neck – on full display. Having practiced her smile countless times, she curled the perfect beautiful smile.

Li Jingran was pleased and delighted.

Look. Regardless of time and place, she should be in the spotlight.

The other celebrities on the red carpet were merely accessories next to her.

Li Jingran’s look was impressive and with the help of the “Feathered Prism Illusion Dress”, she was absolutely gorgeous.

Shen Xi observed Li Jingran walked the red carpet before gracefully emerging from the car herself. She removed the heavy down jacket and effortlessly revealed the red gown underneath.

The reporters still had their cameras pointed at Li Jingran at this point.

The next second.

Looking at the girl standing at the end of the red carpet, everyone widened their eyes in shock, unable to hide the amazement in their eyes.

The girl in red with a cold presence to her was a head-tuner, like the brightest star in the sky overshadowing all the beauty in the world and stealing away all the attention. The camera lens seemed to have a mind of its own as they were turned in her direction instead.


The girl was so beautiful, like a fairy descending upon the earth and appearing before them. Posh and preppy, she had an other-worldly presence to her that could send butterflies to their stomach with every little move she made.

No one knew who she was, nor did anyone know why she was here. She was a mystery, a mystery that people could not help but revel and be lost in.

Hearing the commotion, Li Jingran turned back and could just blackout. A wave of tremendous rage came crashing down on her, churning every single cell and drop of blood in her.

Shen Xi!

It was Shen Xi!

Li Jingran was outdone by Gong Zhi in the last red-carpet event which robbed her of her pride and dignity.

This time, the brat was going to ruin it for her too.

She probably would not be as annoyed right now if it were someone else, but why did it have to be Shen Xi, the daughter she cast away from the Su family?

With a straight face and commanding presence, Shen Xi strutted straight onto the red carpet

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