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Chapter 239: Determine The Real From The Fake

Soon, more reporters followed suit.

The security guards let the reporters push ahead to get first-hand news since they could not stop them.

Shen Xi and Li Jingran were swarmed by the reporters who were jamming microphones up their faces.

“Can we ask who is wearing the fake?”

“Ms. Li, are you wearing a knockoff?”

“Madam, are you wearing the original or fake?”

Cutting the cr*p, the reporters went straight to the point with these blunt questions.

Shen Xi laughed. “I can guarantee that mine is the original.”

Li Jingran remained graceful and calm. “I’m definitely wearing the original.”

Hers was a knockoff.

However, the evil brat could not be wearing the original as well.

The “Feathered Prism Illusion Dress” was lent to the Y Nation’s royals. The aristocrat was wearing it to a royal ceremony in Y nation right now! The dress could not possibly be here!

The reporters could not tell which was the real deal and which was the knockoff as the dresses looked the same to the tee. Even if Ms. Cai Ni was here, she probably would not be able to tell the dress apart.

“Ms. Li, you say that you’re wearing the original. Do you have anything to prove for it?” The reporter questioned Li Jingran.

Li Jingran looked upset. “You can make the conclusion whether it’s black or white. Have I ever made a mistake in such trivial matters over the years?”

Despite wearing a counterfeit, the brat sure was unapologetic. Did Gong Zhi give her the courage?

Did Shen Xi not know that this scandal will throw her into eternal oblivion that would take away her opportunity to make a debut, let alone be a popular star?

“Miss, how can you prove that yours is the real thing?” A reporter asked Shen Xi.

Shen Xi grinned. “I’m the proof itself.”

Li Jingran was hyperventilating with Shen Xi getting on her nerves. Shen Xi must have picked up the audacity and shamelessness from her adoptive parents. Well, only the uncultured and uneducated could have taught the cheek of that girl.

She wanted to see how Li Jingran was going to prove and who the reporters would choose between them both!

A short distance away, Gong Zhi and Fu Qingye got out of the car one after another and walked the red carpet.

The media’s attention swiftly switched to them. Who would not look at a fine couple? It was a feast to the eyes when both of them made an appearance together.

Everyone knew that Ms. Cai Ni was Mr. Fu the Movie Star’s stylist. Ms. Gong’s look on the red carpet also came from the hands of Ms. Cai Ni. They wondered if the two could tell the real deal from the fake.

“Mr. Fu, someone made a knockoff of Ms. Cai Ni’s work. What do you think about this?”

“Ms. Gong Zhi, rumor has it that your look today is by Ms. Cai Ni. Are you able to determine which is the real “Feathered Prism Illusion Dress”?”

“Mr. Fu, can you identify which is the real thing and which is the fak

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