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Chapter 238: Liar Liar Pants on Fire

“You keep talking about a counterfeit, but no one knows better than you about who’s wearing the knockoff!” Shen Xi curled her lips into a bloodthirsty smile.

Li Jingran felt a sense of guilt creeping in under Shen Xi’s watchful eye. “Ms. Cai Ni sold me the gown I’m wearing. If you really care for your adoptive parents, you should not embarrass them. Now get off the carpet.”

She knew that the brat really cared about her god*mn idiotic adoptive parents.

“Even if it’s embarrassing, it’s my own embarrassment.” Shen Xi chuckled. “Moreover, they won’t ever think I’m an embarrassment. I will always be their pride.”

Li Jingran hissed through her clenched teeth as she was about to lose it. “Do you think Gong Zhi is doing you any good and helping you? She’s lying to you and using you.”

Gong Zhi was a scheming little b*tch and the brat was probably being taken advantage of without even realizing it.

Did she know what kind of person Gong Zhi was? Shen Xi was completely taken for a ride by working together with Gong Zhi.

“I’m willing to be deceived by her.” Shen Xi smiled brightly. “Wholeheartedly.”

Swallowing her anger, Li Jingran gnashed her teeth and pulled her trump card. “Get off right now. I can help you to realize your dreams to be a star.”

Shen Xi shrugged. “However, my dreams have changed!”

Li Jingran was speechless.

The reporters and fans behind the security perimeters watched as the two ladies in the “Feathered Prism Illusion Dress” walked and shared a conversation. They were so anxious they wished they could fly over and listened to their conversation.

There was a famous line in showbiz – clashing outfits was not a nightmare but it was awkward for whoever did not wear it best.

The ladies were not ugly and were beautiful in their own way. However, the girl was a lot prettier than Li Jingran. Her bearings, charm, youth, and face full of natural youthful collagen put Li Jingran in the shade.

“Don’t you think that the girl has an uncanny resemblance to Ms. Li?”

“Do you think so too? I was about to say how alike they look. They’re like mother and daughter.”

“There’s no way they’re mother and daughter. Isn’t Ms. Li’s daughter the one named Su Ruowan?”

“Oh, you mean the one who’s hyped up? She’s so ugly and I actually thought she’s not Ms. Li and Mr. Su the Movie Star’s biological daughter!”

The reporters wanted in on the gossip of two things. Apart from the question about who was wearing the real deal and the fake, the media was interested to know whether Li Jingran and Shen Xi were sisters or mother and daughter because they looked so alike.

With the security so tight, the reporters could not barge into the red carpet and question them about who was wearing the real “Feathered Prism Illusion Dress” even if they wanted to.

“What are you really after?” Li Jingran could not be more soft-spoken.

She was not going to let anyone rui

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