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Chapter 125: Go Against Him

Listening in as the group spoke highly of the actors, screenwriter, and director, Shen Xi took a glance at them and suddenly found them less of an eyesore.

“Why is the viewership doing badly on the first episode? It’s only 0.5%. I’m not convinced. The costumes, sets, and actors are clearly top notch. People must be blind not to watch.”

“It’s only the first episode. What are you getting worked up for? We can recommend and share this with people on various forums, Moments, Weibo, and our friends to boost it. I can guarantee that the ratings will skyrocket during the second episode.”

“That’s right. Go, go, go, He Pei!”

The group were not having it at the mention of TV ratings and hence, decided to push the show to everyone around.

Su Ruowan was bitter about hearing them praising the TV show. With Su Mushi walking in, she tugged on Chen Bingbing. “Bingbing, you guys should stop it.”

Mushi was not going to be happy to hear this. After all, the script was first handed to him with the expectation that he was the male lead but he declined the offer.

Putting on a sour face, Su Mushi coldly swept a glance at the people in the classroom before turning to leave in a huff.

What the hell? Why was everyone talking about that d*mned TV show everywhere he went!

It was supposed to be a total bust. Were they blind? Why did they fall for such a shoddy and disgusting production!

“Mushi.” Worried, Su Ruowan called out and chased after him.

Once the siblings were gone, Chen Bingbing began to talk in hushed tones, commenting that it was a shame Su Mushi turned down the part. It was overall a show of quality, with every minute of the plot to die for. If the show kept up with this pace, surely it would turn out to be a high-quality hit show that was hard to come by.

Feeling happy, Shen Xi no longer thought of them as an eyesore. Those who praised her script, her actors, and director were on her side for now.

“Have you watched “The Smiling Nation”?” Yu Qiubai entered the room and approached Shen Xi.

Shen Xi buried her head into her mock test papers without lifting a glance.

Taking a seat beside her, Yu Qiubai went on talking with smiling foxy eyes. “Let’s watch together if you haven’t already.”

With that, he placed a mobile phone between them and removed the earphones to set the audio to the phone’s speakers.

Shen Xi coldly glanced at him, still refusing to share a conversation with him.

“Sigh. It’s a shame if you haven’t watched. I really recommend you watch. It’s the best show ever.” Yu Qiubai grabbed his phone and made his exit.

This child seemed to have a low opinion of him!

Su Ruowan came in to find someone in class watching the TV show on speakers. It was none other than Mushi’s best friend, Yu Qiubai.

The show was played on an LCD computer screen which occupied two desks. It was pretty cocky and heavy-handed of Yu Qiubai to do so.

Drawing near,

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