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Chapter 101: Drenched

Shen Xi looked at the fox narrowing his eyes while smiling cunningly before walking past him to pour wine for Su Ruowan who was sitting beside Yu Qiubai.

Su Ruowan softly expressed her thanks. She then turned to Yu Qiubai and spoke in a honeyed voice. “Qiubai, enjoy some beverage.”

Yu Qiubai fixated on Shen Xi without sparing Su Ruowan a glance. He impatiently gave an excuse. “I’m not thirsty.”

Hurt by his words, Su Ruowan gave her crying look and bit her lip. She replied in a muffled voice, “Got it.”

Shen Xi put away the wine after filling everyone’s glass and turned to leave.

She was almost at the door.

“Wait a minute.” Yu Qiubai’s offhanded tone bore a clear hint of badgering. His foxy eyes seemed to know all.

Shen Xi stopped at her footsteps and turned around in a meek manner. “Young Master Yu, you were looking for me?”

Lifting his brow, Qiubai’s eyes turned so hazy that it was hard to tell what he was thinking. He rubbed his frown and indolently grinned. “Nothing. I have forgotten what I wanted to say. You may leave.”

Shen Xi grinded her teeth. What was this d*mn fox playing?

She was certain that her disguise was more than capable of even pulling wool over Su Ruowan’s eyes, one who hated her guts.

Yu Qiubai was the only d*mn fox she could not read. Did he actually discover her or was he just chatting out of boredom?

Having accomplished her task, Shen Xi was waiting for the lift to pull out when she caught a glimpse of Suo Ruowan heading to the washroom. She promptly went after her.

With anger contorting her beautiful face, Su Ruowan kicked the toilet bowl and growled in a gruff voice from hell. “Yu Qiubai, just you wait!”

After letting out her anger, Su Ruowan returned to normal and smiled at the cosmetic mirror in her hand.

Out of the blue.

A bucket of water came crashing down.


Su Ruowan shrieked, being drenched from head to toe.

“Who, who is there?”

Pissed off, Su Ruowan gave a good push and kicked on the toilet stall’s door.

With the door blocked from the outside, she could not push it open.

It was pin-drop silence out there.

“If you had balls, you’d tell me who the hell you are.” Su Ruowan was in rage and annoyed.


Shen Xi mockingly laughed while taking a glance at the shaking door to the toilet stall before making her way towards the window. With agile moves, she took a leap down.

“Shen Xi?” Su Ruowan was not sure but her eyes grew sinister. “I knew it. You’re Shen Xi, right?”

There was no reply.

Su Ruowan let out a furious scream with a ghastly menacing face before putting her boot into the door.

Shen Xi!

She was certain that it was Shen Xi’s voice.

That b*tch. Su Ruowan would have her revenge on Shen Xi and pay back in hundredfold for all the humiliation she faced today!

Having received a call for help, Su Mushi rushed over and pushed the toilet stall’s door open.


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