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Chapter 109: Slightly Uncomfortable

“No one. The wind was too strong and blew the door open.” Shen Xi gave Gao Meng a warning look. Her eyes softened slightly when she looked at Yu Yuanxi, and she said in a low voice, “Take her away.”

Gao Meng also felt that Lil Chairman Shen’s attitude was off. She looked like she was about to eat them up. If Gao Meng continued pestering her, she might lose her life. She quickly turned and prepared to run away.

“You must be Xixi’s friends!” Yun Jinping reached the door and looked at them with a gentle smile.

Gao Meng turned around and greeted politely, “Hello, Mrs. Shen. I’m an artist from Cosmos Entertainment. My name is Gao Meng. I came here to ask Chairman Shen something.”

Although Lil Chairman Shen looked cold, her heart was warm and she treated Gao Meng very well. She must be driving them away because she did not want them to meet Mrs. Shen.

Gao Meng was a shrewd person who immediately understood Shen Xi’s intentions.

However, Yu Yuanxi was different. He had always been an upright person, and he nodded without thinking, “Mrs. Shen, happy birthday.”

Mrs. Shen seemed like a very friendly person, but her eyes could not help but turn melancholic at his words, causing him to suddenly feel uncomfortable.

“Thank you.” Yun Jinping’s smile was a little awkward.

Shen Xi gave Gao Meng a death glare.

“Mrs. Shen, we still have things to do at the office, so we’ll leave now.” Gao Meng was an actress and smiled naturally and graciously.

No matter how apprehensive she was in her heart, she could not reveal it on the surface. If she did, she would not be a good actress. After speaking, she gave up on Yu Yuanxi and turned to stuff the gifts in Shen Xi’s hands, smiling ingratiatingly. “Chairman Shen, we’ll be going now.”

She wanted to die. It was not her fault. It was that little boy Lil Yu who did not understand. How could he be so honest?

She only came to celebrate Mrs. Shen’s birthday because she wanted to deepen her friendship with the boss.

If she had known that this would happen, she would not have come over even if she died.

Yu Yuanxi also finally noticed that something was off and smiled at Yun Jinping. “Mrs. Shen, we’ll leave now.”

Yun Jinping knew her daughter. Seeing how she had scared the two children, she shot Shen Xi a look and smiled, coaxing them to stay. “Since you’re already here, you can leave after eating.”

Gao Meng wanted to but did not dare to, and only chuckled. “We won’t trouble you. We’ll go back to the company to eat, right, Lil Yu?”

“Yes.” Yu Yuanxi could not lie. Awkwardness was written all over his face.

Yun Jinping laughed. That child was so honest that he was blushing. “Come in. It’s cold outside.”

Yu Yuanxi’s heart warmed at the words.

Gao Meng stood where she was, not daring to say anything or move. She carefully looked at Shen Xi’s face, seeking her opinion.

Yun Jinping looked at her daughter angril

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