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Chapter 134: Flattery

Before the end of the term, No. 4 High School organized a parent-teacher meeting for the school’s top fifty students.

Li Jingran would attend the parent-teacher meeting each time. One, to uphold her image as a good mother, and two, to show off.

Her son and daughter were always in the top two spots after all and never blew it, making her proud and haughty.

The results of the mock exam this time had not been announced but since the parents on site knew each other, they were throwing flattery left and right.

Li Jingran was of course basking in a shower of compliments.

“Mrs. Su, to bag the top two places each time, your children are the best.”

“Mrs. Su really has a way of teaching her children. Ms. Su and the young masters have turned out quite successful. I’m so jealous.”

“Mrs. Su, please teach us how you did it. My son only hovers around the 30th place and can’t go any higher. It’s been causing me to pull my hair out.”

The parents gathered around Li Jingran, flattering and asking for the secret to educating children.

“I didn’t teach them anything. They conscientiously did it themselves.” Li Jingran modestly smiled.

The bottom line was, her children carried superior genes and were born with brains.

“Exactly. Ms. Su and Young Master Su are born bright. It’s not like we can compare.” Parent A enviously stared at her.

“I heard that Ms. Shu Baiyu went to your place last month. Is she taking Ms. Su as her primary student?” Parent B was in a gossipy mood.

Li Jingran was fuming at the mention of Shu Baiyu’s name but remained dignified and elegant in the face. “It was nothing. Ms. Shu merely came over for a meal.”

After the dance competition, god knew where Shu Baiyu, that b*tch, got her information from and came to her house seeking Shen Xi. She was this close from going off the deep end.

“It’s surely a done deal. Ms. Su is amazing. Not just anyone can be Shu Baiyu’s student.” Parent B’s tone reflected her envy. “Mrs. Su, you are so lucky. I will wake up with a smile if my daughter was blessed enough to have Ms. Shu Baiyu as her teacher.”

“Ms. Shu Baiyu is great but I heard that Ms. Jiang Yin has nothing but praises for Ms. Su as well.” Parent Su chimed in with the compliments.

Li Jingran’s blood pressure was rising because of these cows’ comments. The more she refrained from speaking about a certain somebody, the more they brought the person up in front of her. Li Jingran replied with a smile. “As Ms. Jiang Yin has a student now, she won’t be accepting another. Unfortunately, our Wanwan doesn’t have such luck.”

“Mrs. Su, don’t worry. No teacher would only accept only one student. Ms. Su won the silver medal in the international design competition this time. Ms. Jiang Yin won’t pass up on such a promising child.” Parent C was green with envy.

One after the other, Li Jingran’s children grew increasingly more outstanding, especially when held up against t

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