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Chapter 139: Seeding Resentment

“Mom.” Su Ruowan weakly cried. “Tell Shen Xi to say yes and become Ms. Shu’s student. It’s such an honor, an honor I have no luck to.”

“It’s not your fault.” Li Jingran coldly scoffed. “It’s nothing to do with you having no luck. That Shu person wouldn’t know talent even if it hits her in the face.”

With their family’s Wanwan brilliant in every way, how could she possibly pale in comparison to Shen Xi, that defiant b*tch?

Shu Baiyu was just grasping at straws, at wit’s end because she could not find a successor. Hence, she was willing to take in any Tom, Dick, and Harry.

“Mom, it’s not Ms. Shu. Shen Xi has a gift in dancing.” Turning red in the eyes, Su Ruowan turned on the waterworks. “I’m the useless one. I disappointed you and more, now that my legs hurt when I dance.”

Li Jingran heartachingly held her. “I’m sorry. It was I who let you down. Had I not insisted on bringing that brat to our home, your legs would not have been broken.”

Shen Xi, that b*tch was the reason that Wanwan could no longer engage in strenuous exercise involving her legs, let alone dance.

That b*tch destroyed Wanwan’s great future. Li Jingran was going to make Shen Xi pay.

The weight on Su Ruowan’s shoulders was finally lifted.

Mom was concerned about her. She had to bring up this matter from time to time to remind Mom of how wicked Shen Xi was, and Mom would, in turn, feel sorry and guilty for her sake.

Li Jingran’s itinerary for today was to participate in a gathering after the parent-teacher meeting. She took Su Ruowan along to introduce her to the people in showbiz.

In a luxury executive van.

With eyes burning with fire, Li Jingran furiously smashed her phone. “Jiang Yin is too cocky for her own good!”

Su Ruowan cautiously enquired, “Mom, Ms. Jiang Yin still refuses to let you meet with Ms. Cai Ni?”

Li Jingran huffed and puffed. “They are mere stylists. What’s with the attitude they’re giving me?”

“Mom, don’t be angry. She’s only a stylist anyway. What’s the big deal?” Su Ruowan comforted her.

Who knew these words riled up the already boiling Li Jingran? “What do you know? Do you know how important that stylist is to me? Do you know how embarrassing it will be for me if Cai Ni dresses and styles Gong Zhi for the year end movie gala?”

Frightened, Su Ruowan froze and turned to her with tearful eyes. “I’m sorry, Mom. It came out wrong.”

She knew what was going on. Mom went through all avenues to get in touch with them and offered an astronomical price to get her hands on Cai Ni’s gold medal masterpiece “Feathered Prism Illusion Dress” for the year-end red carpet and to get Cai Ni as her stylist.

However, Su Ruowan could not see what was great about it. Cai Ni merely won first place. Was it worth going through all this trouble?

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have spoken so harshly.” With Su Ruowan about to cry, Li Jingran distractedly wiped her eyes dry.


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