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Chapter 121: Angry With Me

With the meeting having dragged on today, Li Yuan was afraid and anxious that the silly girl would wait in the snow for him. It was a good thing she was not waiting on him.

Picking up on the sound of a car, Shen Xi jumped up, ran out, and swiftly climbed up the ladder before catching a glimpse of a car parked in the driveway. Tears rolled down her cheeks when she saw the man getting down from the car.

Snowflakes were fluttering in the air.

Li Yuan lifted his head amid the drifting snowflakes and observed the young lady wiping the tears away from her swollen red eyes. Distressed, Li Yuan quickly made his way towards her.

Shen Xi promptly wiped her tears dry before he came over. She could not put her finger on the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she should be happy with him back and well.

Nevertheless, Shen Xi was not the least bit happy and for a split second, grievance tempted her to lose her temper.

However, who was she to lose her temper at him? What was the relationship between him and her? Who was she to him?

Where did he go? What did he do? Why must he report his whereabouts to him?

Shen Xi was merely the young sister next door in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Li Yuan sounded nervous; his body tensed up.

“Nothing.” Shen Xi shook her head and averted his gaze.

She had phoned Kun Lun countless times but no one picked up, giving her the impression that something had happened to him. Shen Xi wanted to look for him yet had no idea where to start.

“Why are you crying if there’s nothing?” Li Yuan was heartbroken. “Tell me, who bullied you?”

Embarrassed, Shen Xi had the urge to climb down right away but the sound of his voice overwhelmed her with grievance. She answered in a raspy voice, “No one bullied me.”

With worry in his eyes, Li Yuan furrowed his brows and spoke angrily, “Who was it?”

Since Shen Xi was afraid of his further questioning yet was unwilling to admit her concerns and fears, she went ahead and showed him her finger. “I’m hurt.”

“How did you injure yourself?” Looking at her crying and aggrieved face, Li Yuan could only resent that words were not colorful and powerful enough.

What did he have to do to save her from the pain and tears?

Li Yuan wanted nothing more than to run to her side to embrace her and wipe away her tears.

Nevertheless, he could do nothing at present.

What right did he have? He was only a big brother living next door to her.

“Pricked by a needle.” Shen Xi answered in a hoarse voice coupled with a few sniffles before staring at him with tearful eyes. “Where did you go? I thought you weren’t coming back.”

“The meeting ended late.” The girl’s tears seemed to trickle into his heart one drip at a time, corroding his heart bit by bit and suffocating him with heartache.

“Oh.” Giving a nod, Shen Xi wiped away her tears and bashfully covered her face while mumbling, “How embarrassing. You sho

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