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Chapter 129: A Beast Behind A Gentleman’s Mask

The gossip column in the magazine described Ms. Jiang as arrogant, eccentric, and hard to get along with. Now it seemed these were all made up. If Ms. Jiang was not easy to get along with, neither was everyone else in this world.

Shen Zhangqing soon returned home. His eyes welled up with excitement after finding out about Jiang Yin and the fact that she was Shen Xi’s teacher. “Ms. Jiang, thank you for looking fondly upon our Xixi. Our Xixi may not be the brightest, but she is willing to put in the work. Please take your time with her.”

Chewing on her chopsticks, Shen Xi looked rather plaintive. ‘Who isn’t the brightest? Old Shen, stop lying through your teeth.’

Jiang Yin replied with a smile. “I will teach her well. Brother Shen, Sister, rest assured that you can leave her to me.”

Yun Jinping and Shen Zhangqing were overwhelmed with gratitude.

Shen Xi, “…”

The family walked Jiang Yin to the door after dinner and saw her car off before turning to return home.

Grinning from ear to ear, Shen Zhangqing dotingly patted Shen Xi on the shoulder with a gratified look on his face. “Our Xixi is the best. A great person like Ms. Jiang is our Xixi’s teacher.”

Yun Jinping was crying happy tears as she exhorted Shen Xi. “Xixi, listen to your teacher and respect her as you do us.”

For such an amazing figure to be her daughter’s teacher, her little baby was no less than impressive.

“Got it.” Shen Xi was not bold enough to say otherwise in the face of her grateful parents.

Oh, woe was her!

The teacher was currently placed number one in their hearts while she, as the daughter, had to step aside.

Yun Jinping and Shen Zhangqing went to tidy up the place.

Shen Xi took the opportunity to climb up the wall.

Li Yuan was sitting by the living room entrance, attending a video conference via the laptop upon his lap. Sensing that there were eyes on him, Li Yuan lifted his head and smiled at the young lady.

Shen Xi stared straight at the man by the door.

The man today wore a pair of golden-rimmed glasses on his nose, adding a flair of gentility and elegance to him. It really made her heart flutter when he flashed those pearly whites.

Speaking in a gruff voice, Li Yuan glanced at the screen. “That’s all for the meeting today.”

He then shut the laptop and handed it to Kun Lun.

Kun Lun had also attended the video conference through his phone and the moment he terminated the conference, the scene froze on the managers and board of directors with their jaws dropped to the ground in shock. They looked like they had been spooked.

He could imagine what a commotion it was following Boss’ curl of the lips.

“Has your guest left?” Li Yuan wheeled himself over and lifted his head to meet the girl’s eyes.

Shen Xi hummed in acknowledgment but her eyes remained fixated on the glasses against his lap. She turned to him with expectant eyes. “Brother

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