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Chapter 116: Identical Twins

“Mr. Fu…” Although Li Jingran wanted to go after the man who was walking out, the sight of an approaching Gong Zhi saw her bitterly holding back her footsteps.

Here came Gong Zhi to meddle in her business again!

Su Ruowan stared at her god’s receding figure with eyes of irreconcilable resentment. She was feeling uneasy and aggrieved, wondering what she had done wrong to deserve such an attitude from Mr. Fu.

The Mr. Fu she knew was a noble gentleman who never turned down an autograph to fans.

He was classy, gentlemanly and graceful when talking to Ms. Jiang Yin, so why the change of attitude towards her and Mom?

“Ms. Li.” Gong Zhi drew close with a smile. “Are you here for Ms. Jiang?”

Su Ruowan finally understood from the malicious look on Gong Zhi’s face the reason why Mom did not go after Mr. Fu. This tenacious old hag came the way of their business yet again!

“Aren’t you also here for Ms. Jiang?” Li Jingran hated this woman’s guts. She would have a chance to strike up a conversation with Mr. Fu had it not been for this b*tch.

Now with a great opportunity gone to waste, god knew if there would be the pleasure to get a word in with Mr. Fu down the line.

“Huh?” Gong Zhi looked around strangely. “Where’s Ms. Jiang?”

Jiang Yin was out of sight by the time Li Jingran came to. With hatred brewing within, Li Jingran put all the blame on Gong Zhi.

Jiang Yin had slipped away while the two rivals were crossing swords as she had no interest in their conflict. The only thing on her mind was to find her student.

A grand sedan was slowly pulling up at the entrance of the venue.

“Mom, I saw Li Jingran.” Fu Qingye’s tone was cold. His handsome but solemn face was looking at his mobile screen.

On the mobile screen displayed a scene, the scene turned around to uncover a woman’s unpowdered beautiful face. Her facial features and shape was an exact match to Li Jingran’s but they carried themselves with opposing bearings.

There was something warm about the woman as her smile would brighten up hearts with homeliness. She asked, “Have you spoken to her?”

Shaking his head, Fu Qingye’s eyes alighted with a clear indifference. “No, I’m reminded of your past by her presence. How could I possibly be in the mood to talk to her?”

“She’s innocent in this. Why must you take your anger out on her?” Mama Fu let out a gentle smile while her soft eyes reflected regret. “I want to meet her if I have the courage.”

“People like her don’t deserve your time.” Fu Qingye tauntingly smirked.

He thought that the years had taught him to remain unfazed in the face of disfavor and disgrace. Still, Fu Qingye could not help but be furious, sorry, and upset for Mom at the thought of her past.

Mom was picked up from the trash can when Grandpa and Grandma were on vacation in China. Mom was terribly ill and on her last gasp back then.

Taking pity on the poor thing, Grandpa and Gra

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