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Chapter 126: Driven To Insanity

Instead of watching the show alone, Yu Qiubai called the whole top class over to watch together. They watched it once, then watched it again for the heck of it before discussing the plot in case they missed out on any details.

Su Ruowan looked grumpy while the discussions were in full swing behind her. Lifting her head to find Su Mushi standing by the door, she cried out in worry and panic. “Mushi.”

The sound prompted Yu Qiubai to greet him with a smile. “Shi, come take a look. It’s a show you don’t want to miss. It’s not a bad idea to invest in it. I guarantee that it’s worth the watch and if you snooze you lose.”

The top class students who were called by Yu Qiubai to watch together dispersed out of fright following the grim look on Su Mushi’s face.

Seeing red, Su Mushi was smoldering with rage as he strode towards Yu Qiubai and questioned him through clenched teeth. “Yu Qiubai, you did it on purpose!”

It never occurred to him that the person broadcasting “The Smiling Nation” in class would be his best buddy.

“Shi.” Raising his brow, Yu Qiubai cheerfully gave a piece of advice. “As humans, we should always learn from our mistakes. Overcome your shortcomings by reading the script to find out what’s good about it and do better next time. Don’t miss out on another opportunity. Take this as a lesson.”

Su Mushi blew a fuse. “It’s only the first episode. We’ll see if the show sinks or swims!”

He was not going to throw in the towel before the result was out!

Yu Qiubai threw him a sympathetic look and sighed. “Shi, we must have a clear understanding of ourselves before we can improve.”

Su Mushi felt his blood pressure rising. “Are you still my buddy?”

Yu Qiubai found it odd. “What does watching a TV show have to do with being buddies? Don’t go there, Shi.”

Su Mushi hissed. “Turn it off. Or, shall I smash it for you?”

Not out to burn bridges, Yu Qiubai turned off the computer and ordered his bodyguard to take it away.

Shen Xi wanted to burst out laughing, giving ear to their conversation.

Yu Qiubai was a godd*mn cunning fox. She had reasons to suspect that he was trying to piss Su Mushi off.

Another annoyance came after Yu Qiubai stopped playing the show. Pei Xu had come to attend the training camp for the first time ever.

Of course, Alpha Xu was a character. Others were sitting in class while he fixated on the TV show, and when everyone was focused on team building games, he was still watching the TV show. Putting the phone on speaker, he would slam the table and marvel at scenes that tickled his fancy.

Pei Xu was allowed to do as he pleased as the teachers dared not boss him around. It was an honor for Pei Xu to grace them with his presence in the first place.

Su Mushi was sick of it the whole afternoon and was on the verge of being driven to insanity. Nevertheless, he did not have the courage to step on Pei Xu’s toes. Hence, Su Mushi was

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