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Chapter 105: Psychological Trauma

Shen Xi had said, “Be careful. Next time, I’ll use sulphuric acid.”

Big news broke out in Capital No. 4 High School. In the Mathematical Olympiad competition, everyone in the top class lost except Yu Qiubai.

On the day of the exam, no one knew what the top class ate wrong, but all of them had diarrhea, resulting in them being sent to the ER in the hospital and missing the exam.

A few people endured the pain and were determined to take the test while physically handicapped, but they lost after failing to stand it after a few minutes.

More than one participant from other schools revealed that a strange smell was detected ten minutes into the exam. One person could not hold it anymore and was carried off from the spot.

According to the hospital’s diagnosis, the school determined that they had gone out to eat indiscriminately and had eaten something bad, resulting in collective food poisoning.

The only one in the top class who was spared was Yu Qiubai because he was mysophobic. No matter who he went out with, he never ate or drank a bite of outside food because he saw them as unhygienic.

The top class was unconvinced, and Su Mushi took the lead to secretly investigate this matter. They agreed that someone wanted to set them up and had drugged them.

In the entire school, only the international class did not have to worry about their future education. They played around when others studied, and they played around when others played around too. They lived everyday like it was New Year’s.

“Why are you acting like wolves? Slow down a bit. There’s enough for everyone.” Song Wenye was disgusted when she looked at the group of people.

She was happy today and treated herself to some ice cream. She ordered two vanilla flavored ones and handed one to Shen Xi with a smile. “Here, Lil Xixi. I saved this for you.”

Shen Xi raised her eyes and looked at her. “You look happy.”

Song Wenye helped her open the lid of the ice cream and stuck the spoon inside, her smile widening. “Don’t you know why?”

Shen Xi glanced at her indifferently.

Song Wenye slapped the table happily. “I heard some people say that since that day, Su Ruowan insists on someone accompanying her every time she goes to the ladies and wants them to keep watch outside. Don’t you think it’s funny?”

With Su Ruowan’s suspicious nature, Shen Xi knew that her words would definitely cause Su Ruowan to become paranoid. This was much more satisfying than throwing sulfuric acid on her.

Imagine how she would feel if she had to worry about whether someone would harm her, bash her head in, or pour sulfuric acid on her every time she had to go to the bathroom. It was not easy to solve psychological paranoia. What a beautiful image that was.

Song Wenye also said that in order to find out if this was true, she purposely stayed at the door of the top class for two classes and followed Su Ruowan when s

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