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Chapter 136: She Was The Birth Mother

Li Jingran thought that since Shen Xi placed first, Wanwan and Shi should take second place so that she could redeem herself. At least, she would still be respected among the parents.

Nevertheless, the second place did not belong to Su Mushi or Su Ruowan. Instead, it was a student named Yu Yuanxi.

Li Jingran was about to lose it.

What was going on with Shi and Wanwan? Were they not always at the top two spots? Why did they allow someone else to steal their places away?

It was not just somebody but Shen Xi, that brat!

With a straight look on her face, Shen Xi curled her lips cynically.

Li Jingran clenched her fists as she stared at Shen Xi’s back. A raging fire was burning deep within her eyes.

What a brat! Who was Shen Xi to embarrass her!

Just before the meeting ended.

Someone knocked on the door and it was the teacher in charge of the international class. The teacher’s cheeks were rosy with excitement. “Principal, Ms. Shu Baiyu has come to visit and requested to meet with a person.”

Turning blue in the face, Li Jingran gave Shen Xi a look as though she wanted to eat her up.

The parents were intrigued to hear Shu Baiyu’s name and turned towards Li Jingran.

“Mrs. Su, is Ms. Shu here to see you?”

“Congratulations, Mrs. Su. Ms. Su has gained a teacher.”

“Mrs. Su, what are you doing here? Don’t keep Ms. Shu waiting.”

These biting remarks left Li Jingran with the impression that everyone was against her. Her chest could explode with rage.

These godforsaken b*tches. Who gave them the right to spurt such absurdity? Were they mocking her on purpose?

Shu Baiyu, that b*tch, could not pick a better time and had to come while she was in a parent-teacher meeting? Was the b*tch here to see her humiliated?

“Uh…” The international class teacher embarrassedly stared at them. “The person Ms. Shu wants to see is Shen Xi of the international class.”

It took a lot in Li Jingran to keep her cool but she felt a slap in her face right there and then, shattering all that was left of her dignity.

The parents stared at Shen Xi in disbelief. Someone with inside information spoke in hushed tones that Ms. Shu showed interest in taking a student under her wing during the dance competition. Rumor had it that the person’s name was Shen Xi.

Needless to say, the principal was grinning from ear to ear. It was a great honor to the school if Ms. Shu Baiyu accepted someone from their school as a student!

With Shen Xi gone, the parents were overwhelmed with jealousy and openly sang praises about her.

“This student is amazing. Not only did she improve tremendously and climb to first place in a short period of time, but she’s also the student of Ms. Shu Baiyu.”

“The champion of the Olympiad competition is also her.”

“She took home the gold in the dance competition too. She’s beyond outstanding.”

“I’d wake up smiling if I gave birth to such

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