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Chapter 113: Mr. Fu

The celebrities to the side burst out with another round of congratulations and compliments, praising Li Jingran for her good parenting and Su Ruowan for being so talented and earnest at such a young age, with limitless potential.

On the stage, the host had already called out the name of the gold medal winner, Cai Ni.

Li Jingran and Su Ruowan looked at the stage at the same time, wanting to know just who Cai Ni was.

Su Ruowan was sure that there was no way Cai Ni was Shen Xi. She never heard of Shen Xi coming to Paris. Shen Xi would not even be able to afford a plane ticket!

That little b*tch. Just the thought of her made Su Ruowan angry. How dare Shen Xi scare her, causing her to be unable to eat and sleep well. Just wait and see how she gets even when she returns.

Li Jingran sneered. Just the thought of Cai Ni lit her belly with anger.

Last week, she personally went to visit Jiang Yin and offered a sky-high price, wanting to find out who Cai Ni was, but Cai Ni did not even show her face.

In the entire Chinese entertainment industry, Cai Ni was definitely the first person who did not give her any face. Even her master, Jiang Yin, did not dare to treat her like this.

She wanted to see just how remarkable this Cai Ni was. Who the hell was she for her to act so haughty?

Gong Zhi was very happy and applauded loudly. She had not seen Cai Ni since that day, so of course she was happy. She still had to ask for Cai Ni to be her stylist again for the Chinese Film Festival at the end of the year.

On the stage, a light shined down, and a woman in a cheongsam appeared.

The woman was extremely beautiful with mixed-race features. She had deep and delicate features, and her body looked extremely hot. The elegant cheongsam she wore brought out a bold and sexy flavor, and her eclectic and overbearing temperament made people topple over in admiration.

As soon as she appeared, the whole atmosphere of the stage changed with her arrival. The air became passionate and enthusiastic, as if she was declaring to everyone that she was the master of the stage.


The audience had never been so lively. Someone shouted her name loudly, followed by countless people standing up and applauding thunderously. They all looked at the queen on the stage with admiration and excitement.

Gong Zhi was dumbstruck. Jiang Yin!

Li Jingran and Su Ruowan were also stunned for a moment. They looked at the woman on the stage with obvious doubts flashing across their eyes. Why was Jiang Yin here? Where was Cai Ni?

The stars of the Chinese entertainment industry were waiting to see Cai Ni, but who would have known that it would be her teacher, Jiang Yin, who went on stage instead.

Jiang Yin was devastatingly alluring. Countless men and women were crazy for her, and it was not an exaggeration to call her a femme fatale. She had everything, be it ability, appearance, or family background. She wa

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