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Chapter 118: A Clown

The first episode of “The Smiling Nation” released yesterday and received a 0.5% in viewership. It was far less than the estimate Shen Xi had in mind as well as the average for one of An Lin’s TV productions.

TV shows produced by An Lin invited at least a 1% rating from the pilot episode. Other competing media corporations that frowned upon “The Smiling Nation” were secretly arranging paid trolls and haters to go full steam ahead in roasting and trolling the production.

The Su’s residence.

Su Mushi opened a bottle of red wine to pour into two glasses before going over to hand Su Muyan a glass. Su Mushi smiled. “Muyan, a toast to our quick victory.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Su Muyan took the wine and raised his glass for a toast. “We should also celebrate Wanwan bringing home an award.”

The family had received three blessings today – Wanwan took second place in a design competition, the viewership for “The Smiling Nation” on its first episode was a bust, and the tens of millions from the bet would soon be theirs.

Su Mushi curled his lips in glee. “An Lin’s probably restless right now. “The Smiling Nation” pilot broke his all-time low TV viewership record.”

Su Muyan sneered. “Well, the newbie screenwriter is to blame. Who does she think she is? She got what’s coming for being such an arrogant prick. It’s high time that that naïve girl be taught a lesson.”

“Indeed. I can’t believe someone would invest in a lame script that’s destined to be a bust. I guess the investor was trying to hype the screenwriter called Cloud Seven!” Sitting in the opposite, Su Mushi was in a good mood as he finished the drink and poured himself another.

“Oh, right. I heard that Cai Ni won first place today. She still hasn’t made an appearance.” Rage overcame Su Muyan at the mention of Cai Ni. “Who does she think she is? She’s been avoiding Mom despite Mom’s best efforts to locate her.”

“She must be some ugly duckling. Cai Ni wouldn’t be hiding under a rock if she had good looks.” Pleased by his own reasoning, Su Mushi poured Su Muyan another glass. “Muyan, don’t worry. She’s only putting on airs and hyping the whole thing up. She will make an appearance after a few days when everyone forgets about her. These kinds of people are just clowns.”

“Yes, a clown.” Su Muyan mockingly chimed in.

Cai Ni was only a lowly stylist without much talent to show. She was afraid to show herself, probably because she was ugly as mentioned by Mushi. Otherwise, why would she disappear off the face of the earth after creating a look for Gong Zhi?

“Bro, it’s snowing.” Su Mushi looked outside the bay window.

Su Muyan stood up and made his way to the window. He cheerfully said, “We should discuss a celebration for our princess when Dad and Muxuan are back.”

Outside the window, snowflakes drifted in the air, creating a blanket of white.

“Mom, it’s snowing.” Shen Xi excitedly cried as she bolted to the courtya

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