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Chapter 162: Frenemy

“Aunty, my name is Yu Qiubai. I’m a friend of Xixi’s.” Yu Qiubai ran over carrying two bags of items with a goody-two-shoes smile plastered across his lips.

Pei Xu clenched his teeth and shot Yu Qiubai a glare.

This guy sure knew how to play a good boy in front of elders. Look at that smile. Oh, how he wished to rip that face apart.

Hearing that he was a friend, Yun Jinping happily nodded and warmly greeted the well-mannered boy. “Please come in.”

Yu Qiubai pointed at the car behind. “Aunty, I was afraid that someone may not like BBQ so I bought some ingredients for hotpot, but I might have bought too much. I can’t carry them all by myself.”

Yun Jinping wanted to help out and turned to Pei Xu. “Xu, get a few people to help with the things.”

Pei Xu pulled her aside and replied with a smile, “Aunty, get back home. Leave that to us.”

He then gave Yu Qiubai a warning and threatening look.

Who was this guy calling a friend? He sure had the guts to weave a story on his own. Had he asked Xixi?

Yu Qiubai grinned innocently and naively before pushing the bags to Pei Xu. He waved his arm. “Lin Ge, you lot, come with me.”

Rage was burning in Pei Xu’s eyes as he was overcome with the will to kick Yu Qiubai. Who was he to order him around?

After advancing two steps, Yu Qiubai turned around and curled his lips at Pei Xu with arrogance and cunningness reflected in his foxy eyes.

Pei Xu was livid. F*ck! This guy was asking for it!

Shen Xi, Song Wenye, and the other girls were prepping the ingredients.

“Xixi, why is that guy here?” Song Wenye pointed to the door.

Wondering who that guy was, Shen Xi lifted her head to meet Yu Qiubai’s smiley foxy eyes. She darted him a chillingly murderous stare before answering with a cold tone, “How would I know?”

Yu Qiubai cheerfully waved his arm at Shen Xi. “Xixi, I bought some hotpot ingredients.”

Before Shen Xi could tell him to scram, Yu Qiubai had slipped away to butter up to Yun Jinping.

Yu Qiubai, that b*stard. What was he up to?

He was bros with Su Mushi, yet he always managed to rile Su Mushi up. They must be frenemies.

It was only one-sided on Su Mushi’s part to see Yu Qiubai as a bro with all his heart. Perhaps the d*mned fox had always taken him for granted.

Nevertheless, Shen Xi would not be so naïve as to think that Yu Qiubai was on their side. This guy was a cunning fox and had his own agenda in everything he did.

Taking Pei Xu’s lead, the international class students were hostile towards Yu Qiubai.

However, a few girls from the international class followed Song Wenye’s example and were obsessed with looks. Never mind who it was, good looks spoke the truth.

No one cared whether Yu Qiubai was a fox. The latter was busy getting on Yun Jinping’s good side, addressing her as Aunty affectionately and rushing to take on all the work.

Pei Xu was not one to lose, seeing that the duo were rivals

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