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Chapter 182: Too Much Anguish

Was Yu Qiubai befriending Shen Xi because of her brother?

If that was the case, Shen Xi was not going to let him succeed regardless of his motives.

Yu Qiubai started to doubt his own speculation. Perhaps Shen Xi really had nothing to do with that person. Still, he wanted to probe. “The Li family was annihilated twenty years ago. Yan Chen the Fifth went missing on the same day. The Fifth Family said he was dead, but recently there was news that the Fifth Family was tracking him.”

“Five years ago, the Fifth Family was wiped out the same way as the Li family was. Speculation had it that Yan Chen the Fifth did it, and he has now returned to seek vengeance for his maternal family.”

Shen Xi’s heart sank as she listened to the story. She however still held a blank expression and continued to walk.

“What? Not interested? Come to think of it, don’t you think Yan Chen the Fifth’s story is pretty tragic?” Still, no reaction from Shen Xi and Yu Qiubai was disappointed once again. He drew closer in another attempt to entice her. “Forget it if you’re not interested. It’s not a story with a happy ending anyway. However, this is a secret so please don’t spill the beans to others.”

“Why did you tell me then?” Shen Xi gave him a good kick.

She was dying to find out anything about Yan Chen the Fifth, be it rumors or anything else. She wanted to know everything.

Yu Qiubai sighed to himself. Another dead end?

What should he do to find Yan Chen the Fifth?

Yu Qiubai was overthinking it. Shen Xi was nothing but a poor thing that was abandoned. How could she have known Yan Chen the Fifth? He knew better than anyone else of her history.

Had she known or somehow been involved with Yan Chen the Fifth, he would never have allowed the Su family to survive this long.

It would not be as simple as a resignation from TV station’s Hong Tao, for that was him being shown mercy with his family still alive.

Ms. Xu was the chaperon for the English debate competition. They were called over so she could pass them reference books.

Shen Xi knew that Yu Qiubai, the b*stard, had deliberately summoned Pei Xu and her for naught. There were only a few books and Yu Qiubai could have brought the books over by himself.

It was the usual bustle in the international class.

Putting on the hat of a storyteller, Song Wenye stepped on the chair and slammed the blackboard. “Speaking of Cloud Seven, she is a real wonder woman isn’t she? She braved into the wolf den all on her own and beat the old punk, Hong Tao, into a pulp. He was quaking in his boots!”

The crowd listened to her in excitement.

Shen Xi glanced at her and thought that was exaggerated. She was not domineering and Hong Tao was imbued with arrogance!

Words indeed spread like wildfire! By now, everyone must have heard of Cloud Seven’s heroic act of taking an overnight flight to Ocean City and headed straight to the TV station to deli

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