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Chapter 177: Dogfight

Glancing at Su Muxuan who is looking like an idiot, Shen Xi strode past him and headed straight toward the door.

Su Muxuan turned around only to widen his eyes in disbelief as he took a closer look at the person at the door.

Fu Qingye!

Mr. Fu the Movie Star!

How could it be?

When did he become the brother of the likes of Shen Xi?

Could Wanwan be telling the truth? Shen Xi, the d*mn brat had Fu Qingye under her spell!

“Brother, what took you so long?” Shen Xi was not happy.

“The dessert is made to order with ingredients delivered on-demand to ensure their freshness. It did take a bit of time, I’m sorry.” Fu Qingye dotingly patted her fluffy head. However, his expression froze when he saw that she was pouting. “Why are you upset? Who picked on our little princess?”

Shen Xi tugged onto him with a grievance. Teary-eyed, she pointed at Su Muxuan and the rest of them. “Brother, they wanted to kick me out!”

Even if the people on site had never seen the Movie Star Fu Qingye in the flesh, they must have watched his movies. Already flustered, the people cowered in fear and kept their mouths shut when the man himself cast a glance past them.

The manager, in particular, broke out in cold sweat and wanted to strangle himself. He walked up to Fu Qingye and apologized in a shuddering voice. “I’m sorry, Mr. Fu. I had no idea. I’m sorry to have offended the young lady.”

Su Muxuan’s face turned sour. D*mn brat. What did she do to make Fu Qingye her brother? His anger was barely in check but he held his tongue for fear of Fu Qingye.

The manager was a wise man to know whose side to choose. Appealing to humility, he talked his way out of it. “Mr. Fu, Mr. Su brought up that the young lady was an eyesore. Hence, I gave instructions to show her the way out.”

Someone had to take the fall, but he was not going to be that scapegoat. The manager was merely pointing out the truth. Had Mr. Su not wanted her out, he would not have committed the mistake and made Mr. Fu upset.

Nothing would happen if he sold out Mr. Su. Rolling Feast was not one to mess with after all.

However, it was a different story with offending the Fu family. The fate of Rolling Feast rested on Mr. Fu’s hands.

“Mr. Li, you’re the one ordering the guards to throw her out.” Su Muxuan appeared menacing. That manager better not throw him under the bus.

The b*stard manager had another thing coming if he was still under the delusion he could get away with this. Well, Su Muxuan had something to say about that.

Shen Xi watched the dogfight with glee. Nevertheless, she dejectedly pulled on Fu Qingye’s sleeve and hung her head low while waiting for him to stick up for her.

With eyes of adoration, Fu Qingye wanted to laugh at the girl who was cooking up a storm. Why was she in styling and screenwriting? Shen Xi should take up acting as she was already an uprising starlet. He was delighted by the girl’s relianc

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