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Chapter 152: Looking For His Sister

Shen Xi held Fu Qingye’s cheer poster and excitedly yelled together with the fans on site following his presence. “Qingye! Qingye!”

Li Jingran furrowed her brows, having formed an assumption. The brat was Fu Qingye’s fan and probably got the best seat after spending every penny she had.

She knew that many fans, especially teenagers, fantasized having a relationship with their idols and would follow along with their idols’ schedule, from airports and sets, even their hotels.

What an insolent brat! Did she think that Fu Qingye would cast her a glance just by spending money and sitting on the best seat? Well, she should take a look at a mirror!

During the talk show, Li Jingran and Fu Qingye shared the stage for about ten minutes.

Li Jingran was able to be on the talk show through her connections and means. She had asked for the part to reach out to Fu Qingye and eventually mingle with the likes of the Fu family.

As she liked it, the TV station’s leader arranged a dinner party two days ago to which she brought Wanwan along. Li Jingran was pleased that Mr. Fu had a great impression of Wanwan.

Her next plan was to invite Mr. Fu to the house for a meal. Since he was not familiar with China, she could propose that Wanwan be his tour guide to take him around the capital and China. A relationship would develop between them henceforth.

Li Jingran was distracted the entire talk show due to Shen Xi’s presence, feeling that the brat was taunting and mocking her no matter what she said.

Fu Qingye’s eyes lit up with delight to see Shen Xi, reflecting gentleness every time he faced the audience.

“Qingye is looking at me!’

“Oh my god! I could melt in Qingye’s eyes.”

“Qingye is looking at me. How can this man be so warm? I could die.”

The fans on scene were beyond excited. It was worth it to spend a fortune to come to the set, see their idol, and be killed by their idol’s doting eyes.

“No.” The girl in the back row pointed at Shen Xi, who was in the center. “Why do I have a feeling that Qingye is looking at her?”

Qingye was a gentle man and anyone who had seen him would know it. However, it used to be a warmth that came with distance.

People could see and feel his nobility and gentleness, but it was wishful thinking to get him or get close to him.

Nevertheless, he exerted warmness today without an inch of distance, especially when he was staring at the girl at the center seat.

“What are you talking about? Qingye is looking at me.” A girl beside held her chest and drooled.


What was she to do when Hubby was so handsome and gentle?

She could drown in his eyes. Oh please, attack her with his warmth as she would rather die being lost in his eyes.

Shen Xi was feeling uneasy as Mr. Movie Star would look at her while talking. Was she that good looking?

In the last segment of questions from fans, a question was picked online for Fu Qin

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