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Chapter 179: A Dead End

It was quite a commotion at Rolling Feast.

The activities on Weibo however proved to be livelier than Rolling Feast.

The producers, actors, screenwriter, and director of “The Smiling Nation” were finally spared from the tongue-lashing that had since occurred last night. The netizens shifted their attack and targeted the TV station instead.

Star TV’s official account issued an apology in repentance as they admitted to editing the show without prior permission, messing with the plot and storyline. For their personal gain, they doubled the number of commercials and all those had nothing to do with the crew, screenwriter, or director. Star TV earnestly asked for forgiveness from the audience and creators of “The Smiling Nation”.

Director Hong Tao’s heartfelt post on Weibo included an admission of poor decision-making and his resignation. With all responsibilities rested on his shoulders, he hoped that the audience would refrain from taking it out on the TV station and continue to support “The Smiling Nation”.

“The Smiling Nation’s” crew, actors, director, screenwriter, and Cosmos Entertainment’s official account responded that they were ready to let bygones be bygones if the other party felt remorseful. They wished to maintain a good and amiable partnership if the same mistake was not to be repeated.

Su Mushi’s hand was violently shaking as he held his phone. His expression turned menacing and livid, and with bloodshot eyes, he smashed the phone to the ground.

How could this be?

“The Smiling Nation” was about to get canned following the plummet of its reputation starting last night. The show was about to be done for.

Su Mushi was just on the call with Muyan. “The Smiling Nation” was on its path to losing its viewership after its storyline crashed and burned last night.

He did not ask for more than the ratings to just stay below 10%. Su Mushi did not want to shell out on the bet if he were to lose!

Now, not only did the TV station ate the humble pie and initiated an apology, the station’s director, Hong Tao, even posted an article to admit his wrongdoings and announced his resignation.

The drop in viewers’ ratings in yesterday’s broadcast was due to the TV station’s horrible editing and was not a problem caused by the production crew.

In mere minutes, it was a complete turnaround as fans began to attack the TV station that went rogue while words of comfort and apologies were seen on the production crew’s Weibo.

Who was the investor behind “The Smiling Nation”? Just how much power did they have to drive the bossy and hegemonic Star TV up the wall?

With color drained off to reveal a dead expression on his face, Su Mushi collapsed on the floor and stared at the smashed phone. He was left in dismay.

That was it.

Everything was over.

After all this, fans of “The Smiling Nation” would only be more united and its TV ratings would continue to soar.

How c

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