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Chapter 150: Wicked Sense Of Humor

B*tch! Even if Shen Xi was able to get in, courtesy of her waste-collecting mother, there was no way she could see Brother Ye.

Who did she think she was? Did she think Brother Ye would meet with every single idiot and piece of trash in the world?

Having noticed the fairy at first glance, Jing Yu happily walked over.

Su Ruowan was all puffed-up as Jing Yu made his way over. She cleared her throat and shouted, “Manager Jing.”

Chen Bingbing and the other girlfriends were so thrilled, they had to hold down their pounding hearts. Their eyes lit up with hearts.

Without looking at them, Jing Yu made a beeline towards Shen Xi.

With color draining from Su Ruowan’s face, she hastily cried, “Brother Jing, I’m Su Ruowan. I’m here.”

Jing Yu must have gotten it wrong. He should be here for her, not Shen Xi, that b*tch!

Jing Yu needed a second to think about who was calling him. Who the hell was Su Ruowan? What did it have to do with him? Paying no heed to her, Jing Yu went straight to Shen Xi and conscientiously took over her backpack and bubble teas. “Ms. Shen, please.”

Ms. Shen had made it clear during the contract signing not to address her as Ms. Cai Ni in public. She did not want to expose her identity to avoid trouble.

Su Ruowan watched Jing Yu lead Shen Xi away. Her eyes welled up in a fluster as she was unable to believe her eyes. Refusing to give up, she yelled, “Brother Jing, Jing Yu, I’m Su Ruowan. I want to see Brother Ye.”

There must be a mix-up.

How could he possibly be here for Shen Xi?

He should be here to pick her up. Her!

Chen Bingbing and the group of girlfriends were dumbfounded. What was going on? Shouldn’t the manager be here for Wanwan? Why did he pick Shen Xi, that b*tch, up instead?

Many of Fu Qingye’s fans who had gathered at the corner guffawed at her in disdain and mockery.

“That’s funny!”

“Who is that woman? She sure flatters herself.”

“Brother Ye? Bleghh. How could my Qingye have such an ignorant fan?”

With a layer of mist glazing over Su Ruowan’s eyes, she bit her lips in bitter grievance before covering her face and leaving in a huff.

Shen Xi, that b*tch!

It was her fault that she was humiliated in front of everybody!

What went wrong?

Brother Ye was clearly fond of her the other day!

However, why did Jing Yu come to pick Shen Xi up? What was Shen Xi’s relationship with Brother Ye?

Chen Bingbing and the girlfriends were stunned for a moment and exchanged glances in a daze. They then stared daggers at the fans who taunted Su Ruowan before catching up to her.

Wanwan would never lie to them. They saw the photograph of her and Brother Ye together and she even gave them each a signed photo.

Why did Qingye refuse to see her and meet with Shen Xi instead?

Stepping into the dressing room, Shen Xi was almost tempted to quit due to the scene before her.


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