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Chapter 184: Call It Toffeecito

Shen Xi’s eyes widened in surprise. “Brother, where did you get it from?”

Hiding in Li Yuan’s coat, the little fella stuck out its tennis-sized ball head and its big gleaming eyes were heart-melting.

“I found it.” Li Yuan said as he looked at Shen Xi warmly. “It tricked me into bringing it home with me on my way back.”

Shen Xi’s heart could literally melt. She was excited. “Bring it over. I want to hold the little kitty.”

All she could think of was jumping over the wall and hugging the little furball.

Kun Lun came over to hold the little fella but who knew a kitten so adorable would be a vicious little devil? It hissed at Kun Lun with its fur standing on end.

Shen Xi panicked. “Kun Lun, don’t scare it!”

Kun Lun quickly withdrew his hand before mumbling sadly, “The kitten’s the one scaring me.”

The little thing did not like him. Well, he would not like the kitten as well. The ungrateful kitten seemed to forget who stopped the car and saved it.

Li Yuan motioned Kun Lun to get lost while softly petting the little cat’s head to ease its spooked nerves. The kitten’s raised fur was soon smoothened out.

Shen Xi was worried. “Would it not like me?”

“No.” Li Yuan carried the little fella and petted his fluffy head before pointing at Shen Xi. “She will be your owner from now on. Get it?”

As the little fella was crawling, Shen Xi saw with her eyes that its front paws were bandaged. The poor thing was hurt.

Li Yuan explained, “The kitten’s front legs were broken when we found it. The vet said since it’s still young, recovery won’t take long after the surgery.”

Shen Xi felt sorry for the little fella.

As though it could sense Shen Xi’s feelings, the kitten looked at Shen Xi with huge teary eyes and meowed. It was heartwarming and babyish.

Shen Xi flashed her pearly whites at it. “Do you want to follow me?”

Li Yuan glanced at the kitten. “I never raised a cat. Don’t complain if you suffer with me.”

The kitten looked at him before turning to Shen Xi. Its gaze was soft as those cute eyes were fixated on Shen Xi.

It was on its best behavior when Li Yuan placed it in a basket.

Since the little fella was such a good kitty when Shen Xi carried it in her arms, she tried to pet it with caution.

The kitty rubbed against her palm comfortably. It was soft and warm to the touch, and it smelled like medication with a mixture of a distinctive masculine scent.

Her heart melted at the thought of this tiny cute little creature nestled in his arms.

Kun Lun was speechless to see this little rascal buttering up.

Double standards!

Even a cat knew how to pick its own owner nowadays. This cat was sophisticated!

“Brother, I will raise it well.” Shen Xi gave it a thought before adding. “You should name it.”

“Toffeecito.” Li Yuan blurted out without a second thought.

Frowning, Shen Xi tapped on the little fella’s head. “It’s a ginger cat

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