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Chapter 159: Give Me Some Money To Spend

“Thanks for your hospitality.” Shen Xi wiped her mouth with a napkin after eating and drinking to her heart’s content. She gave a satisfied smile. “I had a good meal.”

“As long as you liked it.” Li Yuan’s sexy voice carried a depressed tone that he did not realize.

He originally thought that he would be content with just seeing the little girl smile.

Since when did he become greedier and no longer satisfied with just looking at her smile?

“Brother, did you encounter any trouble in your business?” Shen Xi asked him out of curiosity.

Li Yuan shook his head. “No.”

Shen Xi frowned and grumbled, “But you seemed preoccupied.”

Li Yuan smiled at her. “There’s no trouble. ”

Shen Xi asked, “Really?”

Li Yuan replied in the affirmative. In the end, he could not resist asking, “Was there anything about today’s food that you weren’t satisfied with?”

Shen Xi was being mischievous and teased him. “Nothing, it’s very delicious. Help me thank the chef. I’m very satisfied.”

Li Yuan felt another pang of disappointment. He was afraid she would notice, so he looked away and replied, “Okay.”

Did he ask the question in the wrong manner? Why would she not ask who cooked the food?

Kun Lun watched the scene from the side. It was eye-opening. He managed to witness his boss act like a kid who was begging for compliments in this lifetime. He was so lucky.

Shen Xi simply avoided asking who cooked the food till the end. Instead, she was fussing over Li Yuan, looking like a child who was trying to behave like an adult. She told him to wear more clothing if he were outdoors, eat his meals and sleep on time, and not overwork himself.

The sound of brakes was heard from Shen Xi’s house.

Shen Xi glanced over her shoulder. “Brother, my parents are back. I’ll be leaving first. Thanks for having me.”

Li Yuan watched her turn around, and there was obvious disappointment in his narrow, deep gaze. He wanted to say something but gave up in the end.

Shen Xi walked down two flights of stairs, but she went back up. As she showed her small head, she felt a sudden pain in her heart when she saw that the man had a lonely expression.

Did she go too far? She should not have been petty and bore grudges. Brother looked very sad and down.

Li Yuan did not expect that she would return. He asked, “What happened?”

Shen Xi beamed at him. She held out both hands and flashed two finger hearts at him by crossing her thumb and index finger. “Brother, you must be a God of Cookery that descended from heaven. The food you cooked was too delicious!”

The loneliness in Li Yuan’s eyes cleared instantly, and joy started to spread bit by bit. He watched worriedly as the little girl went down the stairs in a hurry. He reminded her, “Be careful. Don’t trip.”

His little girl’s desire to seek revenge was so strong that she was still holding a grudge!

Kun Lun came back after packing

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