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Chapter 173: The Head Of The Li Household

There were a lot of people who did not know their place in this world. Boss’ young lady produced a TV show yet there were some imbeciles who had to make money off her work and trouble her by having her make a trip here.

Boss was furious when he found out.

These idiots must be sick of living.

Hong Tao watched the young man vanish before his eyes, giving the impression that the person he saw before was only an illusion. Haunted by the incident, he got up looking dead in the face.

Oh god! Who the hell was Cloud Seven!

She was backed by the Fu family and now the Li family?

He was sure that it was the Li family’s emblem on the young man’s exposed arm.

The Li family was a century-old reclusive family on par with the Fu family.

It was said that two decades ago, the Li family was wiped out by the Fifth Family and only one managed to escape. The Fifth Family’s youngest son, Yan Chen the Fifth was also the son of the Li family’s daughter.

Five years ago, tragedy befell the Fifth Family overnight and their massive assets went missing.

The Li family regained its former glory in the same year. It was not known what the name of the Li household’s head was. Everyone would respectfully address him as Boss.

There was a rumor in the capital that the youngest son of the Fifth Family – Yan Chen the Fifth was the current head of the Li household.

The most fearsome in the whole of China was the Li family. Famed as having a bad reputation, its head of household was a ruthless and heartless character who would go to great lengths, even kin was not spared, in getting the job done.

The Li family was not in the list of well-known aristocrats but could top these families on the charts, outdoing even the likes of the Fu family.

In a luxury sedan.

One of each kind of bubble tea was displayed on the table.

Fu Qingye asked her, “Do you want it cold or hot? How sweet would you like?”

“Mr. Fu, you don’t have to go through all the trouble.” Mixed with feelings of warmth and bitterness, Shen Xi felt embarrassed.

Despite making it clear to him, Movie Star Fu was still so nice to her. It made her feel that she was out of line to say such cruel words to someone who had been looking for his sister for decades.

“I like to do it.” Fu Qingye did not become estranged from her due to her cold-hearted remarks. On the contrary, he felt bad for her. Fu Qingye enquired with a smile, “Which would you like to have?”

Shen Xi treated them to bubble tea when she came to create a look for him. He guessed she probably enjoyed this beverage.

Fu Qingye did not pay much attention then and had no idea how much thought could be put in a cup of bubble tea. Not only were there flavors to think about, but the amount of sweetness and its temperature were also considered.

He did not know the flavor, temperature, and sweetness she liked. Hence, he bought one of everything.

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