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Chapter 161: Joy And Heartache

Shen Xi did not make things difficult for Kun Lun. “I’ll personally return the gift to him.”

She should not be throwing the heart gesture around. Otherwise, a gold mine would be given to her next. With money, the big boss could do whatever he wanted.

Shen Xi came up with a good idea that allowed her to return the gift to Brother while making him happy at the same time.

Through the rear-view mirror, Kun Lun observed the man in the backseat.

The man quietly sat there in the hot car with a red scarf around his neck. With downcast eyes, he softly focused on the scarf as his lips curled into a delighted angle.

Ms. Shen really nailed it. Kun Lun had nothing but the utmost respect for her. A handmade scarf left Boss smiling like an idiot.

The returned gift was not worth mentioning against the warm scarf. Anything else could be disregarded as long as Boss was happy.

Li Yuan examined the scarf around his neck and his attention was suddenly caught by a different shade of red on it. Looking serious, he leaned in for a close inspection.

Picking up on the almost indistinguishable faint stench of blood, his heart sank as heartache slowly took over.

Her fingers must have been hurt from knitting him a scarf.

Oh, his silly girl. His heart was filled with joy and heartache for her!

In a matter of a week, “The Smiling Nation” continued to gain reputation and the show could be seen, shared and recommended everywhere.

Two episodes were released on Friday night.

On Saturday, it was announced that viewership had skyrocketed to 9.8%, tripling last week’s highest TV ratings.

That night, Yuan Yu appeared at the set and waited for the shoot to end before inviting the team for a well-deserved treat.

Despite feeling thrilled, Yun Jinping promised her daughter to keep the secret. Since her daughter mentioned that her classmates were loyal fans of “The Smiling Nation”, Yun Jinping used this excuse to invite Shen Xi’s close classmates to the house for a meal to celebrate.

Shen Xi had planned to invite only Song Wenye and Yu Yuanxi.

It never occurred to her that the b*stard, Pei Xu, had picked up on the news somewhere and brought along the entire international class students along with him.

Bringing a BBQ grill, charcoal, and top-grade grilling ingredients with them, the group made quite the entrance.

Since they were here bearing food and gifts, Yun Jinping was not going to allow Shen Xi to chase them away.

“Children, please come in.” Yun Jinping was grinning ear to ear. “You could have just come. There was no need to bring anything.”

“Aunty, we have a lot of people here. Xixi will kill us if you get exhausted from cooking for us.” Pei Xu joked while bringing the stuff into the house.

Gazing at him, Yun Jinping found the child sensible and big-hearted. These kids were good kids!

“Pei Xu, get two guys to come and help me carry some stuff.” Someon

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