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Chapter 155: A Nice Guy

Fu Qingye would absolutely regret it!

Shen Xi, the vicious brat, was cozying up to Fu Qingye, eyeing the Fu family’s power and status. Well, he would regret his decision once the brat drained the Fu family’s assets.

“It has nothing to do with you whether I’d regret it or not.” Fu Qingye then pulled Shen Xi along to leave.

Shen Xi turned back and curled her lips at Li Jingran.

It made Li Jingran’s blood boil and caused her to have another blackout. However, Su Ruowan rushed over in time to catch her.

Su Ruowan turned as white as a sheet, watching Fu Qingye leaving together with Shen Xi. As her eyes turned bloodshot from resentment and jealousy, Fu Qingye’s words echoed in her ear.

Brother Ye said that Shen Xi was his sister!

This was impossible!

How was Shen Xi, that b*tch, able to seduce and deceive Brother Ye!

Getting over it at last, Li Jingran was gasping for air from all the rage and humiliation. Her chest could explode.

“Mom, what did Brother Ye say?” Su Ruowan appeared innocent and confused. “When did Shen Xi become his sister?”

Li Jingran gritted her teeth. “You don’t have to know about this. I will handle it.”

Fu Qingye must have been bewitched by Shen Xi, that brat. She must clear the air with Fu Qingye and inform him of Shen Xi’s evildoings so that he could see the wicked side to the latter.

Although itching to find out, Su Ruowan had to keep up with her sensible appearance and quit pressing Li Jingran, who was still having a fit.

Su Ruowan picked up on Brother Ye stating that Shen Xi was his sister when she was on the way over. She had no idea what the conversation was before that.

However, she knew Shen Xi, that b*tch was up to no good by the looks of Mom.

Fu Qingye pulled Shen Xi all the way to the dressing room. She was touched by his kindness. “Mr. Fu, thank you.”

It felt good to be protected by someone for a change. She was over the moon getting to witness Mr. Fu the Movie Star tear into Li Jingran.

“You’re welcome. I had a problem with the way she picked on you.” Fu Qingye had nothing else but protecting her in mind when he jumped in.

Now that he had cooled down, Fu Qingye was worried he may have stepped out of line and caused her trouble.

“Mr. Fu, you’re a nice guy.” Shen Xi might be smiling but her eyes reflected none of that. “I’m overwhelmed by your flattery, Sir. However, I’m unworthy to be your sister.”

She was fully aware that the man carried no ill intentions towards her.

Had he not given himself away when helping her, Shen Xi would not have known that he was secretly investigating her.

An heir to an influential family would surely look into a person’s background prior to working together. She was no one special so she had no reason to ask otherwise of him.

It was only a collaboration. Was it because of the talk of having suspicions towards the person one hired?

She would be too full of hersel

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