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Chapter 178: Tragic End

Fu Qingye was exuding a domineering aura and swept a cold look across the room, but his expression softened when he looked at the girl snickering with her hand over her mouth. He then motioned Mr. Li, the manager, to continue.

Shen Xi was happy to watch the drama unfold.

“As we are in the business of hospitality, our priority is to provide the best of our service to our customers. I had someone look into Ms. Fu’s VIP card as per procedure as we are only doing our job.” Mr Li spoked humbly notwithstanding the fact that he had no choice.

Su Muxuan was livid and it showed in his eyes. He pointed at the manager. “Mr. Li, you must have gotten the wrong idea as I did not ask you to remove her. I guess you don’t know that she’s my sister? As her brother, why would I have her thrown out?”

He then tipped Shen Xi the wink. Su Muxuan was ready to give her a chance to turn over a new leaf and begged Dad to take her back, as long as Shen Xi is on her best behavior.

This must be what she had always wanted!

Furrowing his brows, Fu Qingye sounded rather displeased. “He’s your brother?”

Shen Xi bit her lip and meekly shook her head. “I don’t know him. You’re my one and only brother.”

Having lost it, Su Muxuan pointed his finger and yelled at her. “Shen Xi, so you’re not going to acknowledge your biological brother now that you have Mr. Fu, huh?”

The d*mn brat was not like this in the past. He was her favorite and she constantly tried to cozy up to him like a clingy dog.

“Brother, he sure has the cheek.” With blood-thirsty eyes, Shen Xi bossily pointed at Su Muxuan. “He Jin, tear his face apart!’

Copying that, He Jin stretched a little and toyed with a thin ice blade in his hand while he strode forward.

Su Muxuan was terrified. His complexion turned pale and he fell onto his knees with a thud. His voice was trembling in terror. “Mr. Fu, I was wrong. I don’t know her.”

D*mn brat. What was with Mr. Fu to put up with her arrogance and malevolence? Why was he coddling her?

“He Jin, that’s enough. It’s unbecoming of us to cause a ruckus.” Shen Xi shrugged and turned to Fu Qingye in between chuckles. “Brother, don’t you think he looks like a dog?”

A dog that was throwing its weight around!

Su Muxuan might have heaved a sigh of relief, but there was no mistake that he wanted to kill Shen Xi out of spite with the brewing resentment in him.

Was the d*mn brat not afraid of being struck by lightning for doing so? Was she not afraid that she may never return to the Su family?

Fu Qingye smiled warmly at Shen Xi, leaving her to do as she pleased. Her many faces – be it calm, childish, or bossy, added a different kind of appeal to her.

Nevertheless, his favorite was when she went to him for protection and relied on him to pick on others in her stead.

“Brother, I’m hungry. Let’s go for dinner!” Without paying another glance at Su Muxuan, Shen Xi haughtily strutted away w

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