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Chapter 175: Uncanny Resemblance

“So, did I succeed?” Fu Qingye said warmly as he curled his hand into a fist and gently bumped Shen Xi’s head. “Silly girl, not everyone is a bad guy and maybe you should also learn to accept kindness from others.”

She pondered for a moment before her face lit up with a cheeky smile. “Mr. Fu, aren’t you afraid that by having an adorable and stunning sister like me, you’d be lost in my charm and might favor me over your birth sister once you find her?”

“I believe everyone has their unique charm; you have yours while my sister has hers. Besides, nobody can beat the daughter of the Fu family.” He smirked before continuing, “Or should I say, that you could possibly be afraid to let yourself indulge in my brotherly love and become the spoiled brat that you so very despise?”

Shen Xi was pleasantly surprised by the comeback and burst out laughing. “It’s a win-win situation for me to be your sister, Mr. Fu. Since you insist, I’ll give in even if it means to just be a substitute.”

Is there anything better than this in the world?

The second young master of the Fu family went through the trouble of asking her to be his sister time and again. Shen Xi thought it would be inexcusable to refuse again.

The Su family had always wanted to rub shoulders with the Fu family, yet the latter would not even bat an eye. If they learned that Fu Qingye had insisted Shen Xi to be his sister, their rage would be through the roof.

As Jing Yu waited in a corner, he watched the duo bantered in a battle of wits. There were not many rounds and none lasted long, but each round was exhilarating.

This was especially thrilling when they were throwing verbal jabs at each other, and with each minute expression and the smallest of gestures, both of them bore an uncanny resemblance!

The usually courteous young master only came up with such an extreme measure to tear down her façade because he understood that Ms. Shen would not accept his kindness easily.

She has built walls around her after suffering under the hands of the Su family. So, Fu Qingye figured that this was the only way she would agree to be his sister.

“I have quite a nifty network of contacts and resources. I will get someone to look for your foster parents’ son,” he said as his eyes flashed with loneliness.

Shen Xi caught onto that and she comforted him. “Mr. Fu, don’t worry. Your sister will be found sooner or later.”

It would be a discourtesy to say that the Fu family had a small network. With Fu Qingye’s help, Shen Xi was convinced that it would not be long till they learned of Brother’s whereabouts.

“Mr. Fu?” Fu Qingye asked.

“Brother Fu.” Shen Xi cleverly replied.

“Brother,” he corrected earnestly.

“Brother,” she echoed with a smile.

“Sister,” he said as he beamed in delight.

Jing Yu examined the pair and he thought again that both of them looked too much alike.

If Shen Xi was not the daughter of the

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