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Chapter 185: Losing His Place

Shen Xi was about to carry Toffeecito home.

Looking at the young lady, Li Yuan reminded her of a certain something. “Little rascal, my painting.”

“You’re the rascal.” Shen Xi turned around and shot him an angry look. She picked up the drawing, motioning to throw it. “I merely forgot.”

Li Yuan’s heart could melt at the sight of the girl blushing with puffy cheeks. She looked like a squirrel stealing pine nuts. Li Yuan stressed, “That’s mine.”

Shen Xi did not toss it down in the end and instead, placed the painting in the basket and lowered it down. “Here you go, here you go!”

Chuckling, Li Yuan rolled his wheelchair over and preciously studied the painting in his hands. He gently cautioned her amid her grumbles. “Be careful when you get down. Don’t drop Toffeecito.”

Shen Xi sobbed. “…”

What about her? Why was it only about not dropping Toffeecito?

Bloody men. With Toffeecito in their lives, she no longer mattered!

Li Yuan looked at the painting in his hands while listening for the girl’s footsteps to fade away in the courtyard before turning to instruct Kun Lun. “Look for a nice frame.”

Yun Jinping noticed that her daughter had a cat in her arms. It was a ginger kitten with its legs bandaged. “Where did this little thing come from?”

Shen Xi merrily presented the kitten to Yun Jinping. “The neighbor gave it to me. He said the kitten fooled him into keeping it.”

Yun Jinping loved animals. They had a pet dog during her son’s second birthday. However, the dog crossed the rainbow bridge two years ago due to old age. Her daughter hugged the doggy and cried for a long time.

Since then, no one ever mentioned anything about raising pets. Sure, it was great to have pets, but humans usually outlived them. The feeling was always unbearable losing them.

Shen Xi spent less time talking on the wall since having Toffeecito. She mostly talked about Toffeecito.

Li Yuan regretted his decision to gift her Toffeecito and maybe he should not have done it. He could feel as if he was about to lose his place in her heart.

Gong Zhi’s latest movie “Life” premiered early in the last lunar month instead of waiting till the lunar new year. This implied that the movie was produced excellently and the team was certain to bag a box office.

The Film Empress Gong Zhi had a huge fanbase, great acting skills, and an eye for a good script. This would ensure exceptional ticket sales.

Since its premiere, the movie’s hype and its box office went through the roof with no signs of stopping. Even Gong Zhi was constantly trending on the internet.

Li Jingran sat in front of her vanity and gazed at the beautiful woman in the mirror. The heavy makeup could not conceal the wrinkles and sagging skin around her eyes and brows.

She touched her face as her expression gradually turned menacing and irritable. She picked up the hairdryer on the table and smashed it into the mirror.

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