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Chapter 141: Little Sis’s Adoptive Mother

Li Jingran was happy that Jiang Yin and her students were tactful, but even if they gave her enough respect, it would depend on whether she accepted it or not.

If Cai Ni agreed to be her stylist and gave the gold award-winning design to her, everything could be discussed. If not, she would not spare them both teacher and student.

Gong Zhi rolled her eyes. There was an uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

There were so many global superstars and big shots of the fashion world at the venue. Any one of them could have easily surpassed Li Jingran. Surprisingly, Jiang Yin let her sit at the center of the venue with her daughter. There was no clue what Jiang Yin was scheming.

It was only the foreigners who were different from the local stars. They just came here solely to show due respect and support. They did not care about being at the center. Being happy was enough for them. If it were the local stars, they would have fought furiously.

Gong Zhi felt better after she remembered that Ms. Cai Ni agreed to design her year-end film festival dress and style personally.

She knew that Li Jingran went to look for Ms. Cai Ni many times and even offered sky-high prices. Even so, Ms. Cai Ni did not meet her, let alone care about her. She heard that Li Jingran wanted Ms. Cai Ni’s gold award-winning design in preparations for the year-end China Film Festival.

“Mom, look at the woman beside Ms. Jiang Yin, is she Lil Sis’s adoptive mother?” Su Ruowan saw Yun Jinping immediately. The look in Ruowan’s eyes changed, and she felt anxious.

Shen Xi’s adoptive mother was just a useless housewife, what qualifications did she have to appear in this grand venue with Ms. Jiang Yin?

Li Jingran raised her eyebrows, with hate and arrogance clearly in her eyes. She sneered. “Yun Jinping is just coming to work to cover her family expenses.”

Was Jiang Yin blind to the point that she would take in just any type of person? She intended to talk to Jiang Yin later and ask her to fire Yun Jinping. Just looking at Yun Jinping made her feel disgusted.

Su Ruowan started to feel impatient. She kept looking in Yun Jinping’s direction. She realized that Jiang Yin always had a cold face when talking to other people, but her attitude was clearly gentle and friendly when talking to Yun Jinping.

Su Ruowan clenched her fists, and her breathing quickened. It could not be as she thought, Cai Ni could not possibly be Shen Xi.

The first fashion show since Jin Yun’s establishment was about to start.

The guests present were excited to meet Ms. Cai Ni. She could not have intended to not show up for her personal brand’s fashion show.

The results were within expectations but unreasonable. The mysterious Ms. Cai Ni was once again absent from her personal brand’s first show. It was Ms. Jiang Yin who was busy from the start till the end.

“She actually found a good teacher.” Li Jingran sneered with a

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